Dig Deep into Rahul Sinha’s Inspirational Story

Born on 9th June 1980, Rahul Sinha is an Indian activist, educationist, Mentor, and Speaker with a great personality. Hailing from the rural area Village Machwa of District Gopalganj, Bihar Rahul Sinha is also a Socialist and the founder, and chairman of Shining Souls (Trust), Smart Move Academy with over a decade of experience in social activist and educational development for rural areas of India and other leading institutions.

Shining Souls is an NGO which is working all over India especially covering North Indian States (Delhi, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan) Smart Move Academy is also situated in rural areas where no one can expect convent education is possible or where more than 1000 students are being educated.

Besides being an educationist and his social activities, Rahul Sinha has contributed to Sports, Health, Women Empowerment, and Environment. He is also an Executive Member of USO, National Advisor of CEGR & National Secretary of Integrated Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Rahul is also working for Enlightening Education, especially in rural areas alongside indulging in a range of social activities in various sectors including Health, Hygiene & Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Sports Development, elderly care and wellness, Environmental Protection, Agricultural Development, Livelihood etc.

An intelligent man who has been excelling in numerous fields, Rahul has been conferred with over 20 International, National awards and state awards besides Excellence in Community Service (Education & Health) by Schools by Choice, Emerging Leader in School Education Award 2019 by Venus International Foundation, Best Edu-Preneur Award 2020 by EET CRS (Research Wing for Excellence in Professional Education & Industry), Visionary Leader of the Year 2021 by CEGR (Centre for Education Growth and Research), Best Social Service for Women & Child Welfare Award by Brand Opus, and Visionary Leader of the Year 2022 by ICCI (Integrated Chambers of Commerce and Industry), among others.

Talking about his education, Rahul holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and he graduated from the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) in Noida.

As the Chairman of Shining Soul’s Trust, they started working in the Indian states of Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. The team’s main focus was on Social Development, Alleviating poverty (tribals, Dalits, deprived), Health Camps and Awareness, Education and Welfare of Women and Children, Sports Development, Child rights, Welfare of Old Aged Persons, Gender Equality, Sanitation and Cleanliness campaign, Water Crisis Management, Emergency responses, Environment protection (Conservation of Ayurveda, Medicinal Plants, Herbal Plants) Agriculture and Food security, etc.

Rahul’s team is committed to bringing about a change in the present scenario through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response.

Shining Soul has completed Its 3 years with a wide range of events like Health Camps, Women Empowerment programmes, Sports Development, Environment issues as well as COVID Awareness Programmes etc.

Moreover, Smart Move Academy Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education was founded in 2010 by Rahul Sinha, in Village Machwa, Dist. Gopalganj in the Indian State of Bihar. He envisaged education and empowerment of the youth as a sustainable solution for building a stable society and a progressive nation.

Brick by brick, step by step, the school has developed not only in stature and size but has also gained prominence as a leading center of learning in the area.

Today, Smart Move Academy is home to many students and staff members. A modern fleet of buses, a collection of well-equipped laboratories and an array of sports facilities are available for the students.

Innovative features are being added to the school periodically. The school has now established modern Classrooms, Auditoriums, Specialized Activity Rooms, a Green Campus and a plethora of Sports Facilities.

The school motto “Knowledge is Power” is one that applies not only to its students but also serves as a reminder to its teachers, supporting staff and management to continue working harder, smarter and stronger. The motto also signals their never-ending quest to keep exploring, discovering, and inventing, for that is how we aim to move forward.

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