Dr. Ajinkya K. Bhosle, A People’s Person, And An Empathetic Person Blended Compassion And Knowledge To Find A Miraculous Cure For His Patients

What makes the profession of a doctor noble? Apart from the fact that doctors hold the power to give life to someone who has been ailing for a long time, or from the fact that they have the power to cure those illnesses, what makes them noble? Their insight is the answer.

Their reciprocation power is the answer, and along with that, how much they delve deeper into the lives of their patient to draw an outcome which will motivate him or her further to help the society is what makes the profession of a doctor very noble.

Believing in the same, Dr. Ajinkya K. Bhosle has started walking down a path that focuses on fulfilling the dreams of others by providing them with the strength they need.

After the completion of his master’s in anesthesiology and gaining knowledge in IDCCM or Intensive Care Medicine, along with the Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management of Hospital and Healthcare Organization, he commenced in a journey where he’d be called a ‘People’s person’.

His six years of experience and the garnered knowledge landed him with membership in the Indian Society of Anaesthesiology, The Society of Neurocritical Care, and in Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine.

He is also certified with BLS and ACLS provided by American Heart Association & a certified CPR, AED, and PALS that was upheld by the National Health Care provider solution. The obtained knowledge was put to best use as he continued to dedicate his time to those who needed it the most.

“We live in a society where being good is not enough, we are all pushed to be better than the best”

Being a compassionate person who knows how dependent one is on them, he uses his superpower that he has been bestowed with, to create miracles.

What motivated him to take up medicine?

Being a people person who loves meeting new people day in and day out wants to know what they have been through so that he can correlate every piece of knowledge to find a cure was something that sparked the inspiration in his heart.

Knowing how everything is nowadays google-able, but having the knowledge and proficiency to equate them so that a cure can be found can only be done by a doctor. He incorporates the experience of the person with the obtained understanding of the study during his residency to find the perfect result. That is why he claims that the term ‘Doctor’ is not just a prefix, to him it is a superpower. 

“For me, ‘Dr.’ is just not my prefix but my superpower.”

Being an anesthetist-intensivist,  he recognizes that there lie many situations where he has to put his knowledge into proactive so that a patient can pull through a critical situation. Though his efforts may not get the deserved appreciation, he believes that the reward lies in the awareness of the fact that he can do what many cannot do to save a man’s life. The trial that both the doctor and patient go through is enough to realize the purpose of one’s life. 

The struggles he faced:

When asked about his struggles, he claims that the struggle of clearing entrance and exit exams, hardships faced during his residency is nothing compared to the terror he faced in hospitals during the pandemic.

“Things had changed. I was someone different. I was too guarded, always in control. We are all trained to be ‘no panic’ gentlemen but trust me nothing shakes you more than the cold hands and dilated pupils of the dead.”

However, the words of his mentor, Dr. Krishnarao Bhosle, a father figure and idol to him, provided him with the respite he needed. The words ‘you can’t win every battle! You must have the word Defeat in your dictionary; if not, defeat will triumph even more strongly.’ Kept him going along with his family’s mental and emotional support.

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