Started As An Independent Architect: She Is Now One Of Haryana’s Finest

Ar. Meenakshi Chhabra, the Founder & Chief Architect of THE MC ARCHITECTS, is a 43-year-old woman who started her career at 23, independently. 

She has seen this industry for almost twenty years. The choice of her profession has always been the field of Architecture and Interior Designing. As she likes to express: “My journey has been very organic – starting as a freelancer …working as a Project Architect for Russian conglomerate: Power Machines …as well as teaching the future generation of designers as the Head of Department of Interior Design at Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi and finally having our own studio”.

About Her Work

At THE MC ARCHITECTS, she provides services all over India utilizing through her Two branches in Haryana and Two in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, the private sector also does consultancy for governmental projects and are consultant architects for more than 20 Municipal Corporations of Madhya Pradesh.

In this interview, she also mentioned that they are operating pan India through our 2 offices in Haryana and 2 in Madhya Pradesh.

Her businesses mainly focus on providing architectural & interior designing services for all residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. She believes in her heart that buildings majorly influence the ecosystem of any place. Therefore, architects do have a large impact to produce on society. They have greater tasks than just design buildings. They as well improve lives on several levels for professional clients, cities, and individuals.

Her business is simply devoted to helping to upgrade the livelihood of the people by providing them a sustainable environment. Starting from the structure, plumbing, electrical to all interior needs, she looks after all under one roof. Whenever her clients approach her with a dream, she & the team execute it by fulfilling all his requirements within the client’s budget.

For the future, she aims to grow as a brand that people trust. Then only clients will approach her brand with their requirements and leave all their hassles to her and her professional and top-class services can get the execution done up to the maximum satisfaction of the clients.

The Encouragement Behind

According to Ar. Meenakshi Chhabra, Architecture has always fascinated her, ever since her childhood. She always had a flair for the creative and design, it is like a soulful escape for her. By the time she was 17, she knew this is what she wanted to do. And needless to say, she has made the right choice.

Apart from her self-driven encouragement, she idolizes Late Architect, Ms. Zaha Hadid, as her inspiration. It is the fluid and out of the box approach of Ms. Zaha Hadid

to architecture and design that increased her scope of vision and made her believe that design is truly limitless. She, therefore, tries to incorporate that in her field of work too, as with every project, she tries to do something that has never been done before.

What Makes Her Unique?

Everything about her characteristic trait makes her one of her kind. Starting as an independent architect which has been a nerve-wracking experience to becoming a successful one, she has witnessed all of it.

“I remember when I first started, I had a thousand worries and what if’s in my mind. But that’s the beautiful thing about starting and doing something new – you will make mistakes. There will be days where you feel unsure but at the end of the day, you will learn and grow to be a better version of yourself.”

-Ar. Meenakshi Chhabra

Her creativity and passion have given an edge to each on her project and that makes her company unique. She works not only on beautification or aesthetics but tries to deliver it in place of the client’s functional regulations and sustainability.

For her great works in her respective field, she has won several awards. The Women Leader in Architecture community by BUILD WONDERS in 2015 & International Conference on Rapid Advances in Sustainable Architecture – Second Best Presentation in 2011 are ones for instance.

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