The Coolest Entrepreneur Of India Is Also The Shining Star Of Today’s Digital Marketing

Who Is He?

Well, he is many things, but in short, Raja Pantham from Hyderabad is the coolest businessman you’ll ever hear about. A digital marketer by profession with experience in managing teams and multi-brand campaigns, he has over 20 years of marketing experience.

He was born in a city located on the banks of river Godavari and about 230 kilometers from Hyderabad. As he explains himself, “I was a boy with a joyous heart and continued to be one.” Being brought up in the arms of rich culture and around natural beauty, it was quite natural for him to grow into an ardent nature lover. He is a family man, never compromising on family time and nurturing his love for traveling to find his escape to rejuvenate and bounce back stronger.

His Story

Over the span of his education, he has managed to stand out at being well versed in languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. It has given him a nice sense of being self-reliant. Hence, he has strived to be one.

Driven by a passion for employment and many lacking experiences, he discovered the Digital Marketing sphere. “There are so many creative people who need just a push and I, Raja Pantham, yearn to be the force,” says he.

He is frequently fascinated by the intricacies of cross-cultural advertising. Similarly, he considers himself a student forever, seeking new technologies to stay in tune with the latest Digital Marketing strategies. A mentor who has guided business houses and startups to students to take the markets by storm. So far, he has mentored two startups in India and one each in South Africa and Spain.

“I see time waits for none while mindfulness is the key to success at the workplace” – Raja Pantham.

Why Is He The Coolest?

He has trained a group of women entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities in digital markets, using social media platforms effectively to expand beyond brick and mortar business houses.

And, he firmly believes what worked so far will not continue to work further and second, as Change is inevitable and nothing is permanent. “So why restrict our potential? There’s so much more to do, and so far, I believe I have so far burnt only 10% of my energy,” he further explains!

Now having so many opportunities tapped and many more to seize, he sees time waits for none while mindfulness is the key to success in the workplace. He is currently into full time digital and social media marketing and also authored two books to sustain this maddening competition.

His way of living and his constant urge for learning make him the “coolest.” He just happens to master the balance between his personal life & business. A cyclist in his pastimes, an avid reader, a wonderful father, and a loving husband, he is a true keeper in all fields!

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