Expressing Fashion: A Success Story Of An Entrepreneur Who Wished To Excel In Textile Industry

Often it happens that we wish to break the shackles to find our true interest in life. At times, we break free from the family-run business to pursue something else, where our interest lies. By doing so, we achieve far greater success.

Such is the story of Milan Mansukhbhai Vaishnav, the Director and proud Owner of A&M Textile Company. Mr. Milan was born in the year 1997, on 22nd March, in Surat, India. He comes from a family that runs a Real estate business. That’s why, from childhood, he saw the potential in business and fixed it in his mind to make it big.

After graduating from the Sandip Foundation Nashik, he moved to Surat again in 2016 to run the family business. After that, however, he wanted to do something on his own, to build something little by little. That’s why he dropped the family business and started his own business in the Textile industry.

Follow The Heart And Success Will Come At Your Doorstep: Brief About His Business

Mr. Milan, who is currently 23 years old, founded his business in January 2019 as a B2B brand. He named it A&M crafts clothing for the fashion-forward modern man and woman. However, due to the covid pandemic, he had to take the D2C route to reach out to more customers. Currently, this textile company delivers to more than 20 states in India.

While it’s true that he ditched his family business to start up something on his own, he had immense backing from his friends and family. Within the first 10 months of the business, they invested around 15 lakh rupees. The investment bore fruition, as the sales grew up to Rs 2 crore by March 2021. Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that the start-up is currently at a turnover of Rs 85 lakhs due to the D2C route.

As for the goal of the company, Milan says,

“Our company’s name means to snitch on trends and deliver pep, mostly to Gen Z and X, who tend to be money conscious but are eager to be trendy. Apart from that, the objective is to deliver trend-right products plus finest quality at appealing prices consistently.”

The Future Looks Bright For The A&M

While it’s true that the textile industry is dominated by the giants like Raymond, Peter England, Woodland, Louis Philippe, etc., the smaller players are also making their presence felt gradual. In fact, with awesome deals and products, they are giving the bigger brands a run for their money for sure.

“Going forward, A&M plans to scale up, both online and offline, and reach out to new groups of customers, nationally and internationally.”

Therefore, we can say that the future looks prominent for the start-up business. In fact, it has already achieved much success.

The Struggles Were Real, But Success Followed

Like any other start-up business in the 2020s, A&M textiles also had to face many setbacks due to the raging covid pandemic. That’s why Mr. Milan’s company was struck with a huge inventory. Moreover, they started with the B2B model, so that’s why it was even more problematic.

However, if life gives you thorns in the path, make sure to pluck them out. That’s exactly what they did, by going online and starting the operation as a D2C brand.

It’s exceptional how much success the company has been. Starting with a team of 4 members and 40 products only, the company has about 50 members. Moreover, they offer more than 300 products and sell online via their website, which they launched back in June 2020.

“We had our first sale within one hour of the website going live. And we hit 70 orders per day in a week…. We have more than 1000 products live, 20,000 visitors per day, a conversation rate of 3.5 percent, and an average of 900 orders per day with 35 percent returning customers.”

Furthermore, they are also looking to strengthen their B2B business as well. In addition, to keep the success going, they are planning to include more products, like innerwear, accessories, caps, belts, keychains, etc.

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