From ‘Can’t’ To ‘Can’, A Feminist Entrepreneur Has Paved Her Way In The Enterprise From Scratch

Have you ever wondered where would a staunch heart and fiery will take one? Knowing that the world is unfair, knowing how much a woman has to go through in this predominantly male-centered world, Mrs. Vinti Kumari has taken the hard path by establishing a foundation that cannot be shaken that easily.

After getting married in 1997, Mrs. Kumari started laying down the foundation for her career. Completing her graduation in 1999 from DAV college, Mrs. Kumari had always thought of starting an enterprise of her own where she can create jobs for others, where she can be the source of inspiration, where she can be the builder of others’ dreams.

“The life of villagers, especially women, is very hard and without any goals. But I always wanted to do something in my life. That’s why I put my thoughts and opinions in front of my family and they fully supported me.”

Through her creation, AMRIT ENTERPRISES which came to be in 2019, Mrs. Kumari has achieved what she wanted to in just a short period.

Her encouragement:

As a feminist, the biggest encouragement that one could get was the upliftment of the situations that fellow sisterhood is suffering from. Knowing how important it was to take the step towards success so that others can take the step towards achievement with her was one of the major encouragement.

Being inspired by how the women in the village area had been suffering, she moved to Gurugram to bring that needed change in the field. Her socialistic outlook took her to places where she can now soar higher than ever. Recognizing that in Patna, her growth was arrested, she made her way to Gurugram.

Being encouraged by her husband and her family members, she initiated the enterprise with one clear goal, to accomplish her dream of reaching the pinnacle.

“My husband, Ajay Kumar, is very supportive of me as well as my family members too. I’m very thankful for this.”

The essence of her business:

The essence of her business lay on creating a foundation. A foundation for herself, a foundation for her enterprise. Having the zeal to make the change, having the courage to keep walking in this male-dominated world, having the imagination to create something extraordinary by being inspired by the hardship of women, having the heart to change the situation, the socialist claims that it was the fight to create an identity.

An identity that would symbolize her philosophy, an identity that would stand for her. This identity took its culmination in the form of her enterprise.

“(I am) A passionate businesswoman, Social-worker, teacher, and a housewife. To have my own identity, this company leads that into action.”

To bring the change that was needed in this field, she kept working, she kept growing, she keeps ruling. Now her business provides a niche that fabricates clothing and customized dresses. They tend to bring that into realization in a cost-effective way maintaining good quality. The unique design of the material as well as everything that represents their company ensures that they can take the enterprise to an international level.

The advice to young entrepreneurs:

When asked about what she would like to convey to young entrepreneurs, she claimed,

“Convert your passion into a profession, and just prove yourself.”

Knowing the problems that lay in the field and how one needs to gain marketing knowledge, she thinks that having convincing powers along with placing one’s 100% unwavering faith are the only things that will take them forward. This thought process helped her gain awards such as FSIA Superwomen Award, Best social Activist, etc.

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