From Nothing To Everything, Ms. Shaligram Makes Her Dream Come True By Working Hard And By Believing In Herself

A man with a dream, a heart full of passion, and a head full of ideas wanted to establish a space for himself in this cutthroat market. Though this is a normal thing as many people have a dream to venture out to achieve their dream, how many dare to set foot towards the less traveled path? The story of Ms. Nishi S. Shaligram will inspire men and women alike as the courage of a person to establish herself in a competitive market was realized with equally marked passion and enthusiasm.

Being born in the city of knowledge, Pune, and completing her graduation from one of the renowned colleges, BMCC, she went ahead to get her MBA degree in IB to establish that foundation that was needed to initiate an enterprise. However, realizing that knowledge about how the market works and what is needed to achieve her dream.was not enough.

For that she needed experience, so she started taking one step at a time by starting working in a logistic company meanwhile leading a small business as well. It molded her knowledge and skill-set by enhancing the experience and proficiency in the field. By understanding what she finally needed to establish her enterprise, she started laying the path for that.

The essence of her business:

After conceptualizing the enterprise in 2017, initially, she started it as NC Logistics. After a process of gradual advancement, the NC logistics came to be known as Nstar logistics. This logistic, which serves countless clients has created a name for itself through its solution.

By providing the 360° logistic solution to its clients, it has expanded its horizon where the needs of the community are met with excellence. Providing services like Custom Clearance, Freight Forwarding and Transportation and International Trade Generation are some of the things that have helped them create the identity they wanted.

“People are now aware of my services so they highly recommend my services because they are getting all things in one roof.”

The essence of their business lies in the eradication of one of the major issues in society. Apart from providing a qualified logistic solution, they have set their minds to put a stop to unemployment. 

The advice to the young mind:

Being inspired by the owner of his first recruiter, Ms. Shaligram understands the importance of having guidance.

“Have an entrepreneur mindset is that you have to believe in yourself that you can do it.”

Even though struggling against low expanses, her application of three points, that is, ‘to ask what she wants, to do it, to achieve it’ helped her get far, so far where her efforts were recognized by the MLA’s Business Excellence Award 2020.

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