From Nothing To Gaining Everything, A Man Provides Hopes To Others By Helping Them Fight Unemployment

Unemployment is an issue that has been creating an uproar in the minds of those who are fresh out of college. Not only the graduates but the uncertainty that lay in corporate governance is giving rise to unnecessary paranoia and anxiety. In this world where everything is ruled by money, the lack of employment through which one can earn their bread and butter seems like a paradoxical wheel from which no one can get out of.

Fresh out of college, Mr. K. Karthick got to know about the harshness of the world as he ran from door to door in search of a job. Failing to get the job that he desired, failing to get even his necessities fulfilled even after holding a degree, he started wondering what could be done to fulfill the gap that lay between the lack of initiation taken by the authority in question to provide people with jobs and those who need it.

With this thought process working in his mind and being frustrated with how he was wasting his talent in a place where he didn’t belong, he started working on finding ways to fulfill the gap himself. Starting his business at the ripe age of 24, his Amuthan Agency Manpower Service seeks to provide jobs to those who need them.

“Amuthan Agency Manpower Service typically creates a business plan, hires labor (jobs), acquires resources and financing, and provides leadership and management for the business.”

The essence of his agency:

Fighting unemployment is equivalent to fighting the void that has been eating this generation for quite a long time. Substantiating his agency on the eradication of  ‘unemployment’ is the main reason why he intimated the enterprise.

“Career Satisfaction for the candidates.”

When asked what motivated him to initiate the agency, he claimed that lack of response and lack of the initiative taken by the authority to create a place for a fresher candidate encouraged him to start working on a goal where he can create jobs for those in need. Not only that but the failure to utilize the skills and experience of the candidates to well use was another reason why he thought that an agency with the power to recruit and place unemployed people based on their knowledge and skill was needed.

“To get an unemployed person to get Employed.”

Spreading his business to a worldwide forum is the main reason why he continues to work hard by investing in his passion.

Words of wisdom:

Being in the industry where he is the provider of hope, being part of the corporate event for more than eight years, Mr. Karthick has witnessed all kinds of situations in his life. When told to impart some words of wisdom, he commented,

“Think Innovative and implement.”

By incorporating his innovative vision, he managed to acquire Salem Business Awards 2020 for Best Job Consultancy.

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