Taking One Of The Seldom Taken Road In Medicine, Dr. Kukreja Builds Herself An Empire Based On Her Countless Achievements

Believing in the ideology laid by Samuel Hahnemann, one homeopathy doctor has set out the path to rid people of toxicity. Dr. Manpreet Kukreja, who holds an MD in Homoeopathy from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital affiliated to Agra University and Bachelors of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Punjab University. She has laid her principles in one saying.

“Paropkaaram Artham Idam Shareeram- This body has been given to us in order to help others

Setting her whole ideology to help others, to use her passion in a way to establish the path for others to be happy, Dr. Kukreja wants to establish a place where the people can live healthily and happily. The most important aspect of her journey was to provide a space for those who want to opt for a toxic-free medicine for their illness.

Finding that the practice of homeopathy medicine can help her do that, she set out on a journey to fulfill her role in society. Every person in the world is significant and holds an important place. They are put in this world to contribute to society by utilizing their existence.

“She actively joined a Charitable Clinic in Chandigarh and was in association with them for over 2yrs.”

Setting up her practice in 2007, Doctor Kukreja has been on the mend to use her practice throughout. Being roped in with many companies, homeopathy centers pan India, she has gained the experience she needed to establish the groundwork for her achievement.

“She has worked with various leading homeopathic health care organizations and has been the Head of Homoeopathy, taking care of 11 homeopathic centers in Bangalore.

The essence of her belief:

Having a good ability to counsel patients about their disease and other problems and being able to control their psychological output by minimizing the negative effect that could arise from the excessive force of illness is why many people prefer Dr. Kukreja’s counsel. The self-motivated doctor has expertise on a variety of topics which helps her to treat patients from different walks of life.

“She has a successful track record in treating common cough, coryza, renal stones, hair fall, skin diseases, pediatric problems & severe male and female sexual and gynecological problems.”

To meet the effectiveness that she desires, Dr. Kukreja takes the basic causes into account and tries to tackle them in every possible way.

Advice to the rising doctor:

Engraving her ideals on ‘HEAL THE HOMOEO WAY’, she has turned her whole way around through sheer will and efforts. By incorporating certain methods to find the source of illness and to be able to cure it effectively are some of the points that one needs to focus on.

“Believe in yourself, Belief in your Knowledge. Trust the Universe has abundant happiness for you. Always stay positive.”

By believing in herself and her passion, she managed to win the Women’s Leadership Award For Best Homeopathic Doctor and National Healthcare Excellence Award For The Best Homoeopathic Clinic in 2020

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