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Chaitanya Kodumuri (Co-Founder) &  Sai Battina (Founder) ,

Just one year since inception and WeAreVery is growing in leaps and bounds with multiple brands on board. Young entrepreneurs Sai Battina and Chaitanya Kodumuri started young at their late twenties and are leaving no stones unturned to take their venture to new heights of success. Mostly people at the age of 25-27 years remains worried with their career progression, whereas these two dudes are taking it easy and driving their business hard towards the path of success.

Sai and Chaitanya are two completely different individuals when it comes to their professional background, tastes and interests. While Sai is a Telugu literature aficionado and a writer, Chaitanya is computer savvy and is pro in graphic designing and visual editing besides mastering C, C++ and Java. Chaitanya has worked on 100+ short films and is a complete creative person. At WeAreVery, Sai dons the role of a core strategist whereas Chaitanya looks after the technical aspect. Both these individuals work in sync and that’s the secret of early success of their venture.

On asking about their quick path to success, Sai candidly confesses,

“We are highly motivated and experienced professionals with exceptional skills in the digital marketing field. We give the best possible ways to bring loyal customers to your desk. We are here not only to help you promote your brand but also to make you a unique brand in your area.”

Apart from running their day to day business, WeAreVery also contributes to the social cause through contributions made to a Rajahmundry based orphanage. 

From corporate groups to political parties, WeAreVery serves them all with equal enthusiasm. As a one-stop digital marketing solution, both Sai and Chaitanya tries to fulfil all digital marketing needs of the brand so that it climbs the number one position in no time. Digital marketing is the future and hence having an edge over competition can make the brand visible in digital space, thereby resulting into conversions. Along with the zeal to learn and grow, Sai and Chaitanya, always puts them into the shoes of end users and thinks how would they have perceived things, and accordingly they would formulate strategies. Having creative background is a brownie point for them, as they could do things differently with great deal of appeal.

WeAreVery started with an objective to work together while both were appreciative about each other’s work when they first met on a film set. Mutual respect and admiration led to forming of this new age digital marketing agency in Hyderabad. Both feel that their respective families played a huge supportive role in their decision to jump into the entrepreneurial expedition. Both Sai and Chaitanya are in debt to their respective father’s encouragement and support.

No entrepreneurial journey is complete without their share of struggle. Chaitanya recalls,

“We faced a challenge that nobody else faced yet. Within few days of starting our digital agency, pandemic hit, and the entire country was in lockdown. The first half of our inaugural year into the business was spent with endless discussions on how to manage our existing clients. However, during these trying times, it was Mr. Krishna, Asst. Professor from IIT Delhi, who supported us continuously.”

And now luckily there’s no looking back, they have never went out for client hunting. Business came along their way through referrals.

Both the young blood is adventurous in nature and hence does experiment with their client base. To the budding entrepreneurs, they suggest not to give up and keep hopes high. And it is always important to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. With those suggestions both Sai and Chaitanya signs off.

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