Interior Décor and Civil Engineer’s ‘Jugalbandi’ is now creating innovative designs in contemporary market

Amit Maitra & Kallol Baroi – Co-Owners, AK Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Even though the venture named ‘AK Enterprise Pvt Ltd’ was formally formed in 2005, the proprietors Amit Maitra and Kallol Baroi knew each other professionally since 1998. They got to know each other at a project site where both got involved in different capacity and it was almost like “bonding at first sight”. Later they stayed in touch, complimented each other in various projects in their individual capacity for seven long years before realising that it was high time that they create a synergy to enhance their efficacy. And within a week’s time AK Enterprise was formed, initially as a partnership firm and later in 2013 was tagged as Private Ltd Company. Their professional bonding signifies the name of the venture which is nothing but initials of their names.

Since joining hands, these two professionals are providing design and turnkey solutions for all genres of architectural interior along with landscaping.  Since inception they have rendered service to about 1.5 million sq ft of built environment and landscaping at pan India level. Occupying an office infrastructure of 2500 sq ft, AK Enterprise has a competent team of 40 members. Equipped with the necessary latest design software and responsible service partners and trusted OEMs, both the partners are providing complete solution in architectural and construction domain.

Amit is a self-trained commercial artist and a professional interior designer, whereas Kallol is a Civil Engineer with decent exposure to architecture and interior domain. And AK Enterprise is instrumental in orienting the society to receive service in true spirit. With a mission to deliver by elevating yesterday’s service level to meet tomorrow’s expectation today without fail, they are creating amazing living spaces around the city.

Backed by a vast cumulative experience in Architectural Interior designing and execution, AK Enterprise provides chick design, turnkey solutions and project management in the field of Interiors. In the last financial year ending March 31 st 2021, the company takes pride in developing over 50,000 sq ft of commercial interior and rendered design consultancy support for premium residential spaces of about 10,000 sq ft. With such cumulative success coming on their way over the years, Amit elucidates his business approach in very simple words,

“Instead of solving problems, we thrive to address the challenges and offer opportunities. From the core business perspective, our biggest challenge is to provide optimum utilisation of ever-shrinking space and simultaneously deliver the aesthetically pleasing environment.”

Every venture goes through an acid test and AK Enterprise wasn’t different. Coping up with the time-lag between the expectations and the reality was their biggest challenge, since they started. The patience to deal with the situation to wait for their turn to come made them restless. Be it getting a lead, or getting the payment, or getting the credit – it was frustrating to wait. Kallol however agrees that

“With time we realised that persistently, insistently and consistently, we have to keep thriving, and with the piece of destiny in your side, you are bound to strike a target no matter what comes your way.”

The duo from AK Enterprise draws inspiration from the universe and aren’t for crediting any specific individual. They believe that every bit of stars, sky and this earth has something to be inspired from. They also feel that rapid urbanization will create opportunity as every individual will strive for space and make them their own. This recipient of Hafele Design Excellence Award for best Office Design consecutively in 2018 and 2019 feels that road to success is never a shortcut. Hard work, persistence, positive attitude and confidence will take you to your destination for sure.


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