Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Chandra Mohan Agarwal— the Founders Behind TRIO DISENO

Founders of an Interior Design company based in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, Chandra Mohan Agarwal & Dipesh Kumar Jain are business partners both hailing from business families who had a business mindset and always wanted to start something different of their own to set an inspirational example for the others. Chandra and Dipesh founded  TRIO DISENO ( on 1st October 2017 with 0 capital with a current turnover of Rs. 2 crores.

Chandra Mohan Agarwal is 31 and they take turnkey projects at Ahmedabad & Bangalore. TRIO DISENO impacts society as the team builds trust and provides the best solution according to the client’s requirements and provides them with quality products. The team rectifies daily routine problems and their USP is that they’ve done the mastery of materials, what and where to install.

Talking about the future prospects of their business, Chandra & Dipesh aim to build the biggest team to offer their services more beautifully and to reach the maximum number of clients. The founders were encouraged to start their business through the motivation of their family, friends, and colleagues who supported them to start their own business from the ground up with the best mental support.

They faced various problems while building their business. The problems included material delivery issues, agencies were not punctual, management issues, payment issues, etc., but they managed to solve all the problems and minor issues by managing them in a better way with better team management and new systems.

The essentials they needed to start TREO DISENO was a proper team of design & execution. They identified the opportunity to start the business as real estate is booming, which similarly increases opportunities for Interior Design businesses.

What sets Chandra and Dipesh apart from their competitors in the market is the way they present their work in a professional manner with a polite attitude towards clients. Their learnings have been to stay patient on any matter and deliver the same as committed to the client.

The advice the partners would like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs is that the material is the most important aspect in this field and it has to be taken care of while designing and executing. The awards they’ve won so far are an award by Blindwink in 2017, BrandOpus in 2020 and Begin Up in 2021.

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