Making life simple and secure through home-office automation & traffic management system

N Surya Krishna  & Mrs Nemalpuri Preethi – Director’s, D’Eclaat India Pvt Ltd

With a capital investment of 30 lakhs, N Surya Krishna established D’Eclaat India in the year 2017. Today this firm is churning out a turnover of 2.5 Crores by fulfilling the ever-increasing demand of customers in the field of home and office automation, along with traffic management system. This IT professional holds a PhD in Psychology from Malaysia, after completion of Masters in Global Business. His dad served Indian Army for 28 years, which led him to stay across Norther region of the country. Throughout his professional career, he has been more dedicated towards innovative ideas and upcoming technologies. He is on a continuous research mode to implement the trending technologies into his latest devices.
Mrs Nemalpuri Preethi Wife of Mr N Surya Krishna, as Being his better half Both have mutual ideology towards the success and growth of Declaat India Pvt Ltd.
Mrs Preethi is an Cosmetologist from Malaysia Leaving her field aside and giving her full time support and ideas for better india and MAKE IN INDIA products.

Surya Krishna proudly tells us that

“Our devices have been very positive and creates good impact on road safety, traffic managements, home security, schools/colleges management system, accidents and risk control system.”

With increase in crime rates and vulnerability of life, the demand for these security surveillance devices have moved north ward. D’Eclaat India is into manufacturing, importing / exporting of software for electronics products like home automation, security surveillance, GPS, ADAS, MDVRs and much more.

Through all this automated IT and digital products, D’Eclaat is trying to solve the societal problems related to safety and security, for example – GPS for road safety, tracking, accident alerts, parent notifications on school buses, Biometrics with thermal check (very useful since COVID), solar dashcams, car security devices, MDVRs, control panels, body worn cameras for public servants et al.

Since, government of India is encouraging ‘Make in India’ initiative, D’Eclaat sees a bright future ahead with its domestically manufactured equipment. Also, with the focus of capturing the rural Indian market, Surya Krishna is confident about his firm’s quantum growth. He feels that being a IT guy coming into business sector is very challenging, earning fixed income to start a variable business and proving employment to desired youth is however very encouraging. It is also a moment of pride to deliver the above technologically advanced products with ‘Make in India’ stamp and at a very low cost, so that everyone can feel the benefits of such advanced products.

As an entrepreneur, Surya Krishna draws inspiration from his father, Nemalpuri Venkata Tirupathi and Bollywood action star Akshay Kumar. It’s his dad who taught him to remain tough during adverse situations, learn from it and move forward in life. He has always been a friend and a guide, right from selecting the right career path and thereby handling success. His service in Indian Army itself is a matter of pride, and his love and dedication towards his work taught him life lessons. Even though many businessmen face hardships during their initial years, Surya Krishna was lucky enough to not experience such situation. He relied on technology and always upgraded them with the latest version in order to debug it from any breakdown.

According to him, hard work, patience, time and team management pays a lot. He is bullish about the market and feels that his entire product range will be of great demand. He has bagged several awards of which ‘Start up Mobility of the year 2022’ and ‘Young Entrepreneur of 2022’ are worth mentioning. He has been a true professional and we wish him all the luck.

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