Here’s How Mohammed Faizan Ahmed Paved his Way to Success

Owner of Swish Digi Tech ( , Mohammed Faizan Ahmed is a 25-year-old who founded the company when he was 23. With a prior experience of more than one year working in a startup as a Non-Executive Director, Faizan wanted to bring his own vision to life and that’s when he founded Swish Digi Tech with a motivation to achieve a progressive method of shopping while helping every MSME business be skilled to sustain and overcome the digital competition posed by E-commerce platforms.

What makes him the most suitable individual to lead this vision is his courage and obsession to achieve his career goals. His resilience is another reason for him to make it successful despite all odds. His proven emotional intelligence and humility drive him to be admired as a leader.

Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management, Faizan  is an effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals.

He founded the business in 2020 and his team is currently building a platform to help MSMEs manage their offline operations while also maintaining an online presence to sustain the market competition. His company provides niche software as a service to various industry sectors and they also provide an affordable solution to small and medium-sized businesses to be able to help run their business efficiently.

Faizan has managed to build a company that helps provide a platform to manage both online and offline businesses in one place. Faizan’s future goal for the company is to expand his business globally to help solve the problems of small and medium businesses worldwide.

Faizan looks up to his dad as he considers him to be his inspiration. His dad has helped him learn etiquette, professionalism, and discipline. He’s also learned the art of working hard no matter what the circumstances from his dad. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, Faizan struggled to deal with everything that happens in a corporation.

He had no prior experience in building a business and he had to learn every aspect of the business first-hand. Moreover, arranging funds was another hurdle that he had to cross until he finally received his first pre-seed investment.

Faizan believes that an individual needs hard work, passion, and dedication to push through anything and he saw the market size and the problem that the small and medium-sized businesses of the unorganized sector of the Indian market were facing, which is when he realized that there is a deep market fit for this type of a business.

What makes him unique as an individual is his relentlessness and his dedication to never give up on whatever he starts. Faizan’s learnings have been effective management of people and time both professionally as well as personally. An advice he has for people starting up their own business is not to build anything with 4 walls of a closed room. One should find a market problem and build an effective solution around the same.

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