Nilofar Naz Story on Her Road to Success

A girl coming from humble family background, Nilofar Naz is a 25-year-old who was adamant about always doing something of her own. Baking cakes was her passion ever since she was a kid and hence, she started pursuing that as her career. She started baking as a profession when she was 21 and today, her business is profitable with many happy customers on the list.

The best part about her business is that she offers happiness to everyone at a meager cost and she ensures to bring smiles to other people’s faces since 2017 through their best quality delicacies. Nilofar Naz’s future goal for the business is that she wants to turn Yummy Cake into a widely known brand across the country.

The fact that Nilofar Naz loved to eat cakes and also bake them is what inspired and encouraged her to start her own business in the industry. The process of baking cakes in no time turned into her passion and she considers (L) Srikanth to be her inspiration as she considers her to be one of the finest bakers.

In terms of the struggles and the problems she went through, finance was a big issue for her in the beginning alongside coping with huge orders as she struggled with the lack of adequate amenities and tools. However, as she started earning with time, she started adding up the amenities that were required to run a successful business. Finance and the zeal to take her hobby as a career were also the essentials required to kick-start the business.

Nilofar Naz identified the opportunity in the market as she felt like there’s a tremendous opportunity as the living standards of people are growing with time and the need for cakes for every occasion is also increasing by the day. According to her, what makes her unique as an entrepreneur is her belief in maintaining good public relations which helps her build good customer relationships and also the fact that she believes in delivering quality products at a very reasonable price.

Nilofar Naz’s learnings as an entrepreneur have been the understanding of the fact that perseverance is the quality that one should have as it allows you to achieve any goal in life. An advice she has for budding entrepreneurs is that there’s no shortcut to hard work and that all good things take time.

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