Vikram Singh’s Success with One India Group

Director of One India Group with a current turnover of Rs. 5 Crores, Vikram Singh is a 35-year-old who founded the company when he was 26. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Vikram founded the company with Rs. 25,000. He completed his studies in Shri-Ganganagar and then Jaipur City.

The early interest in commerce led Vikram Singh to get a degree in MBA in the field of finance. After working for 7 years in the field of Training & marketing, he was finally able to start his own company in 2013. After going through several struggles, today, he is proud of the position of his company in the country.

Vikram founded One India Group in 2013 and currently, the company is working in the field of Skill Development Training & Information Technology in North India. One India Information Technology is an ISO Certified National Skill Development Organization, established in the year 2013 with a vision to create SKILL INDIA through a digitally equipped, knowledge-driven community.

Since its inception, OIIT has taken progressive steps towards implementing and imparting total Skill Development & vocational training-based solutions that include e-literacy, Computer Knowledge programs, Hardware programs, Telecom, retail-related training programs, market research, survey, etc. Its IT educational wing is one of the fastest growing in North India with over 65 knowledge centers covering all the major districts & talukas in Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat & Punjab.

With sustained infrastructure investments over the years, OIIT has created a

knowledge-networked work environment using a multi-dimensional approach that is planned to support the growth and advancement of the projects that are introduced from time to time in the most productive and effective manner.

OIIT has trained more than 15000 students nearby; similarly more than 9100 students got placed mainly in Apparel, Telecom, IT, Retail, etc. It has an excellent record of executing large-scale Government projects.

In the past years, the team has very successfully interacted with different training partners which are associated with the state & central government in a very close manner to effectively implement various skill development and learning programs.

With its reach that surpasses all competitors and its tradition in academic excellence ONE INDIA is a trusted name when it comes to Quality Training.

OIIT is run by a team of visionary leaders who are committed to defining the future of Training & education in the country. To support them, there is a vast base of educated, young, and enthusiastic teams who are confident to realize OIIT’s vision into reality.

The company impacts society as it allows the Indian youth to access better-paying jobs/businesses and get a chance to experience a higher standard of living. Moreover, every sector of the Indian economy is going to experience economic growth with proper development at the grassroots level. A better-trained workforce will help boost the country’s economic growth in the future. The company’s team identifies the skill gap in a person and ensures that he or she develops these skills.

Their plan is to start their new vertical, “Human Resource Services” in 2023. One of the major challenges faced by Vikram was criticism. He received criticism at every step of the way and he simply overcame this challenge by believing in himself and his ideas.

Vikram Singh is a unique entrepreneur as he learns from his mistakes and keeps focusing on the future. He believes that the past provides key lessons and doing so allows him to build a company that keeps up with everyday challenges.

Vikram’s learnings throughout his journey have been that failure is not the end of everything, but a chance at new beginnings. You cannot set down this path and expect not to fail once or twice. He also learned that no one will trust you even if you don’t. Trust yourself and your guts feelings, because, for the most part, they are right. Be true to yourself, even when it seems impossible.

One India Group has won the Education Excellence Award, Hind Rattan Award, Jaipur Ratan Samman, and brands award.

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