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Dhahab Marvan, Anoop Prambath, Rayees Cherukade – Co-Founders, WEA Designs Pvt Ltd

WEA Designs was incorporated in 2015 by three college mates after they gained relevant experience in the field of interior designing. Dhahab Marvan, Anoop Prambath and Rayees Cherukade, were in touch after passing out of college. They even discussed nuances of their work whenever they met. These interesting discussions unwrapped the passion towards their profession and they duly started realizing that they could together build a company that would focus mainly on creating user specific unique designs. Thus, WEA Designs was born with a capital investment of 3 lakh. Today, seven years down the line it’s a 11 crores firm, churning out happy customers across Bangalore.

Anoop fondly remembers,

“Our idea of building a company started taking its shape when we got 2 commercial (hotel) projects in Wayanad and Bangalore. The fun part was that we were both excited & tensed at the same time. Anxious because we had our regular jobs, worried about finance and execution & lastly Dhahab was abroad. With Dhahab back in town, our morals were boosted and we started with the initial process of designing. We used to spend most our nights at home after our regular work at office, designing these 2 projects.”

At WEA Designs, they balance philosophy and practice, assimilating approach and technologies that transform that lingo into new, upbeat forms of expression by interpreting the rich vocabulary of design and material culture that is state-of-the-art. Over the years, it has projected themselves as all-in-one-stop solution, where all of the elements are available starting from consultation to design concept, experience centre with both fixed and loose furniture, along with materials like tiles, plywood, lights and fixtures till soft furnishing like curtains, carpets and more.

It was the advance payment that came in from their first project that went on to become initial capital for WEA Designs. It was duly invested in new office space, by then the trio had quit their respective jobs and scouting for new projects and assignments. For the first 3 Years and the number of projects they bagged, couldn’t make them possible to hire resources and they had to manage all the work – from meeting prospect clients around the city and onsite supervision in the morning to designing and other admin work in the night. So, the office became their home too. It was tough to cope up with financially, mentally and physically.

However, after those initial hiccups WEA Designs is now on right track. Earlier clients weren’t that much evolved and used to get interiors done for aesthetic purpose, but nowadays most of the clients have started realising how an interior design can be very impactful for residential and commercial spaces. From a client perspective, an interior design can help in both mental as well as physical development of the dwellers of the space. And in a competitive world, WEA Designs is striving to make an impact in the industry and the society by providing the best quality services at the best possible prices without cutting corners.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) – that’s the mantra which has been WEA Design’s USP. According to Dhahab,

“After the execution you can’t make out any difference between the executed one and the design we had shown, it’s true that there will be slight colour variations here and there due to the natural light and the artificial lighting which we use in the software, rest is all the same.”

Even though WEA Design’s effort in the segment have been duly recognized by several industry bodies, they feel there’s nothing important than client satisfaction. While awards and rewards will keep coming, keeping your clients happy will take you miles. Before signing off, the trio entrepreneurs have few tips for the newcomers in the industry. According to them, transparency in business is of utmost importance, which brings in trust. Dream big but be practical, don’t expect things to turn around the very next day. Nurture your passion, to have a successful profession out of it.

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