Promoting Yoga in its original form to students nationally & internationally through his Institute

Kshitij Mishra – Founders, Maharishi Patanjali Education Group

When a real educationist like Kshitij Mishra saw that there are firms in the name of education just making money and not giving satisfying knowledge about the subject they promise to teach, he decided to reach out each one in the country to be his helping hand in any category, and impart pure knowledge to the students. That’s how Maharishi Patanjali Education Group (MPEG) was born and is a part of state council of vocational training which is engaged in imparting knowledge to students who have not been able to attend schools/ITI in a regular manner due to various circumstances.

Kshitij started his entrepreneurial journey at an age of 17 with just a capital investment of 1 lakh, which has now become a 150-crore company imparting knowledge and education. Currently MPEG is actively running across 28 states of India and Union Territories, and soon it will be going international. The institute deals with educational courses like vocational training, computer course, engineering course & yoga course. But the main focus is to promote yoga across the country and also trying level best to remain active on international stage.

Kshitij was born in a joint family of many members with working backgrounds. It was a big happy family, some were working as a teacher in government schools, whereas some were serving as a Compounder in Government hospital. His mom and dad started their own school in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh and named it as Krishna Girls Inter College. As a kid, he dreamt of becoming a doctor because he wanted to care and treat patients. Giving someone new life is just next level feeling. But among all such thoughts, somewhere in a corner of his mind there was some voice that kept telling him to do something big in future and he wanted to create history. That’s how all started – the journey of a young edupreneur.

Since, people currently lead an unhealthy lifestyle, their busy schedule keeps them away from maintaining physical fitness as well as mental health. But by doing yoga or spending time in gym they are not gathering knowledge about what they are doing so by seeing all this false nature, Kshitij is trying to spread awareness and teach people what yoga is all about. Not only yoga is taught, but deep knowledge about yoga is imparted to the pupil. This kind of exhaustive training and in-depth knowledge helps them to lead a happy lifestyle.

The main objective of MPEG is to provide quality education to students who are not able to take afford the same through higher universities and by enrolling here they excel in their career and are happily serving as a government employee. Future is bright for MPEG, as the aim is to take yoga and other courses to international arena. It is Manoj Mishra, father of Kshitij who has been the main inspiration towards this entrepreneurial journey of his. He has always been the support system to all his decisions, who encouraged him to move ahead. According to Kshitij, the journey towards success is full of hardships and not a straight path full of roses, one has to face the hindrances bravely and excel. Before signing off, to all the new age businessman, he advices,

“Dream big, stick to it and stay focused. Keep your heart and mind strong, so that you can handle all kinds of situation. Use funds wisely so that can be a saviour during bad times.”



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