His childhood habit of experimenting is now influencing conservation and targeting a green environment

Who could have thought that a person with a technical background can be bubbling with artistic expression? Well, this rare blend of peerless creativity and mechanical bent of mind gave an ingenious makeover to the world of interior designing. Let us find out more about his struggles and victories.

Though Mr. Chandra Mouli Dooda excelled in technical education and business management, his soul yearned to follow creative pursuit. Thus, he cruised into the field of interior designing.

As a child, he was the most promising student in the class. His family was convinced that he would make a mark and bring pride to their family name, which he effortlessly did. During his childhood days, his doodles were masterpieces. He could not stop experimenting with things. His knack for designing would flow naturally. He was blissfully unaware that he was gifted with an eye for details and vision for futuristic designs. He was encouraged to pursue B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering. He went on to complete his Master’s degree in Business Administration in the field of Human resources. Yet, he felt that something was missing until he embellished his educational pursuit with a Diploma in Interior Designing.

When he was only 25 years old, he stepped into entrepreneurship and expanded his horizon. In 2017, he founded Inside Out Builders. The company is successfully running and deals with the design, construction, and fit-out. It offers idiomatic motifs and organic expression that is a blend of contemporary and rustic visuals. Through the medium of Inside Out, he along with his team got an opportunity to express their innovative creativity and showcase eco-friendly services. He experimented with reusable and natural construction materials to give a facelift to his structures.The focus of his interior design is to offer exquisite style with a never-ending happy moment in a comfortable space. He plays with colors, shapes, lighting, which gives a phenomenal transformation to ordinary structures. Giving shape to his dreams and constructing gave him a sense of satisfaction and wings to do the unthinkable.

Mr. Chandra Mouli Dooda derives his inspiration from one of the leading designers Mr. Ameet Mirpuri. He appreciates how Mr. Ameet Mirpuri infuses rhythmic enthusiasm and serenity into his constructions.

“I have learned a lot throughout many projects, I have learned that humility is a must when working with a team. I have learned that GOOD DESIGN IS GOOD BRANDING. I have also learned that experimentation is quite necessary if you are trying to innovate and one should embrace failure.” says Mr. Chandra Mouli Dooda

Mr. Chandra Mouli Dooda embraces failures and considers them as his passage to uniqueness. He is very selective while choosing patterns, designs, and material, which gives originality and high-standard to his end product. It makes him stand apart and meet the requirements of his satisfied clients. He feels blessed to have the experience of technical education and business administration, which comes in handy in his journey of designing entrepreneurship. They have helped his stride over the hurdles in the way of progress. He considers himself a learner and an observer. These qualities help him to gain a broader perspective to meet the growing passion of the people. His architectural work speaks volumes of his problem-solving ability and innovative skills. Now, when he looks back, he feels that his journey into interior design has been rewarding.


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