His endeavour to provide a platform for young architects, interior designers, and engineers to construct their dreams has dissolved fantasy into reality

Life was not served on a silver platter for him. He had to work his wit’s end to give wings to his dream. Let us read to know more about a man with a relentless drive to yield constant progress.

Mr Uttam Thapa hails from an ordinary family but is on a mission to fulfil an extraordinary feat. He spent his most memorable childhood in Assam. However, work priority made him relocate to Bangalore. He acquired experience and widened his knowledge while working in one of the most reputed multinational companies. Deep down in his heart, he always had the urge to start his company. When he and his wife were expecting their first child, they decided to return to the lap of their hometown, Guwahati, the land where the majestic Brahmaputra river flows.

Upon his arrival, he gauged vast opportunities there, as Guwahati was emerging as the most promising city of the northeast. It also happens to be the largest metropolis of the seven sister states. In 2019, Mr Uttam Thapa laid the foundation stone of The Kia Associates, which unravelled his desire to provide unparalleled interior designing and construction. The Kia Associates is a team of flawless professionals of architects, interior designers, and experienced business heads. Together they create aesthetically pleasing structures while seamlessly managing labour and material within the stipulated budget.

The Kia Associates are open to projects that revolve around new construction, repair of residential and commercial space and transforming old and fragile buildings needing restoration into sturdy structures. However, every new beginning is accompanied by difficulties. Initially, convincing clients and entrusting responsibilities was complicated. Another challenge posing his startup was assembling labours and raw materials.

“Learning never stops. Initially, it may slow you down. You should never be afraid of making mistakes. But, do not let mistakes pull you down or make you quit. You should be open to feedback. Mistakes and challenges help you grow. I was new in the town and faced struggle while gathering materials, labours, and getting new leads. However, I held on to courage and worked hard from scratch to build my design studio.” says Mr Uttam Thapa.

However, Mr Uttam Thapa’s relentless drive to learn and grow helped him paddle through rough water. He believed that no man has ever done anything worthwhile if he has not faced struggle. Challenges ignite the spark to grow and accomplish your dreams. With the courage to forge ahead, he identified his loopholes and took measures to create a niche for himself in the market. His honesty and transparency helped him build trust and long-term relationships with his clients. The team visits the site, reads measurements, and pays emphasis to minute details. The in-house discussion, designing, and preparation of the layout help in giving clarity to the client and winning their confidence. His inflexibility while material selection has given the best results and meeting the clients’ expectations. He believes in growing with the team and participating actively during the execution process.

Today, Mr Uttam Thapa has successfully realised his dreams as the company is perching at an unimaginable height. Apart from serving the local community, The Kia Associates has executed international projects effectively. The committed professionals of The Kia Associates harmonise innovativeness with affordability. They never compromise on quality material and meet deadlines without fail. They can work with ease, even in spaces that are fully occupied and operational. His team provides customised interior planning while developing individual concepts for all kinds of commercial and residential areas.

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