This award winning architectural couple is on a mission to create marvellous city landmarks

Ar Shahili & Ar Mohammed Haroon – Co-Founders, SheilyHaroon Architects

Established in 2012, SheilyHaroon Architects is collaborating successfully to create places, and transcending the standardized typologies and pre-set criteria of superficial, commercial architecture. Good design not only creates beautiful spatial experiences but also enhances modern living, and with that objective in mind both Mohammed Haroon and Shahili M Ali are transforming creating structures with outstanding architectural clarity, character and usefulness. They have been producing architect whose forms and fine details articulate the fundamental design idea to add something distinctive and delightful to the quality of places and lives.

Hailing from a business family, both Shahili and Haroon didn’t take much time to get transitioned into the entrepreneurial frame of mind. After completion of BArch from MES School of Architecture, this couple had a single focus of opening up their own architectural firm and that’s when SheilyHaroon Architects  materialised. Even though they started young, both in their late twenties, their business acumen probably came in from their genes. In this journey of 8 years, they have completed more than 100 projects and have been selected as best 15 architects by some of the online publications like Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Houz Architectural magazines etc. And went on to win Mathrubhumi Master-Craft finalist award for residential project – a special moment indeed, a feat that will be cherished.

With projects spread across Kerala to Bangalore, SheilyHaroon Architects is climbing the ladder of success quiet swiftly. And to this achievement, Mohammed Haroon attributes some uniqueness. He explains,

“We come up with a unique and innovative design which is conservative. We have introduced masking systems in renovating a structure which reduce demolition part and makes it budget friendly at the same give a phase lifting.”

Into the business of Architecture and interior designing for last 8 years, SheilyHaroon Architects wants to bring in more innovative and nature friendly projects, thereby introduce new types of materials. They provide a systematic approach towards each and every project in hand. According to Shahili, “We examine the site to discover its limitations and possibilities and then consider these features alongside the environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioural context before offering design concepts to our clients. Once a selection is made, we begin the research, experimentation, and creation. Each member of our diverse architectural team offers their specialized expertise to collaborate on and cover all the facets of a project from the concept design stage to construction supervision.”

Their passion for art and inborn talent in designing led them to take architecture as their major field of study and they try to portray the same passion to their business, which always helps as they love and enjoy what they create.

To all aspirants and budding entrepreneurs in the field of architecture, Mohammed Haroon suggests to gain relevant experience of atleast 2-3 years before jumping into the entrepreneurship band-wagon. Even though skill is a major thing, exposure to working with reputed firm can further mould the career. Again starting up with own business doesn’t lead to monthly turnover, so financial backup for few years is a must. He also advised of using social media to good use for gaining traction and showcasing architectural capabilities.

Designing and planning isn’t a cake walk. It takes a lot of effort to come up with the best fit. Design is drawn according to what the space demands, looking through the climatic conditions and fulfilling client’s requirements makes SheilyHaroon Architects  standout in this highly competitive field. Also, while designing for their client, they give it a personal touch and treat every project as their own. Quality of material and space management is never compromised, which results into some amazing creations – this in turn helps to maintain a long term good relationship with the client and also helps in future growth of our firm.

Finally Shahili signs off with some piece of advice to the young architects,

“Before starting any business you need to do a thorough study about the market situation. Be prepared, confident and ready to take risk. Try to start business in the same field in which you have majored (in the basis of your education, experience). Never expect a sudden success and always see through for long term development. Never compromise on quality and always find a backup support for few years to survive.”


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