If Making The Best Out Of Opportunity Was A Competition, This Man Would Win The First Prize

Having 15+ years of experience finally came handy, when he stole his opportunity and made the most out of it. We are talking about Mr K. Varadharajan, Managing Director, Sivasakthi Power Services Pvt Ltd. First few years in his journey, he worked as a supervisor in power generating companies. Later he understood what was lacking in that time of power generating companies. His experience of being a supervisor and working with various power plants all over India gave him a clear insight into what he is destined to do.

How Did This Business Become Huge?

Based on his great performances, an opportunity was provided to him by a client to become a small contractor and start a company of his own. This single opportunity has changed so much in his life, which he is truly grateful for. The company that started with 5 employees now has over 1800 workers, delivering their best to the leading power generator suppliers of India.

He established the business in the year 2008, all these years Mr. Varadharajan’s work has been promising, and his clients have been extremely happy with his work. Mainly, the company provides services for the operation and maintenance of thermal power plant types of equipment for central, state, and private power generating companies. The whole process has been so fast that he is anticipating the organization to become the leading company within  5 in the industry as a service provider and a power generating company.

Over the years, Mr Varadharajan has gained the needed confidence over his company because of the repetitive work he is getting from his clients. He says, ” proves our ability and strength and given opportunity for various grades of graduation”. He is very much optimistic about his business and wants to see himself at the top of the power generating industry.

The Drawback Of His Job:

As much as he loves his job, he says there is one thing he wishes he could change. The constant engagement and travelling due to the job’s requirements, he has been staying away from family most of the time. But despite his busy schedule, his family has been very supportive of him. This is a true blessing that he counts.

Also, this job required him to polish his knowledge in many subjects. It was hectic at the beginning, as he had to be prepared for the experience, communication skills, HR management, and financial management. But after all, everything fell into the right place, because he made the most out of the opportunity he got in the beginning.

For his relentless hard work, he has gotten many awards. People have acclaimed him for his work, he got Best Contractor, Best Safety from his clients and also, Business excellence and fastest-growing Indian company awards from various organizations.

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