This woman started an institution to provide higher standard care home services for elderly people who need care and assistance

A woman with a clear vision of her path and career can never be ignored nor denied. No matter how bewildering life leaves her at times. Mrs. Parita Harrison is one such lady who chose her career over anything and built her kingdom of success through hard work and determination.
Mrs. Parita Harrison, the owner and director of Aashiyana Care Home, located in Vadodara, Gujarat has come a long way from where she stood confused some years ago. She has studied BBA, M. Com. , B. Ed, and then worked for seven years as a school principal. Later she worked in a college to gain more experience. She worked as a director of one well-known college in Porbandar, Gujarat, and as a coordinator with IGNOU in 2009. The thought of doing an MBA abroad crossed her mind when she met several lecturers who have done their masters abroad. And in 2010 Parita left India to join the University of Sunderland, England for doing an MBA. She worked part-time as a healthcare assistant. And realized serving the needy and vulnerable people is what she meant for.

She paved her way…
The same year Parita left for England, her father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was devastated for not being able to be by her father’s side during his difficult time. Being miles away from father made her helpless and heartbroken. Parita was worried and wished if proper care was given to her father. Unfortunately, Gujarat hadn’t any good care homes back then. Feeling guilty and remorseful Parita decided to start a care home in Gujarat which provides all adequate higher standard facilities for elderly people whose children are settled abroad. Her father and mother was her inspiration to be an independent woman. They motivated her to focus on education and career ever since Parita was a child. The way her parents selflessly helped others became Parita’s inspiration to become what she is today.

Mrs. Parita Harrison, Owner and Director of Aashiyana Care Home

There are a lot of elderly people who don’t have anyone to look after them. I have been through similar situations. So I want to provide them with the best possible services to keep them happy and healthy. ‘’- she said.

The struggles that came her way…
To start a care home service for elderly people by an NRI was the biggest challenge Parita had to face. She wasn’t aware of the rules and regulations of India in the beginning. There was a competition by government care homes and local hospitals. Also, there were a lot of people who wanted to have better services for their parents and the demand was apparently high. That’s where Parita saw the scope of her organization. She started Aashiyana care home in the year 2015. During the initial days, the staff they hired weren’t trustworthy or up to the standards. So, they later replaced them with staff having UK qualifications and experience in the health care sector.

She fought the odds…
Parita was determined, and she knew what she had to offer for the needy was integral. So, she fought till she achieved her goals. Now her organization has 15 residents and are given the best care and services. The motto is to offer the elderly people accommodation, food, security, and a healthy atmosphere for their well-being, which their children wish to provide them with.

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