Imparting education in itself is self-empowerment

An act of goodness and selfless devotion for the future of the nation can never go to waste.  Let us read on to know how karma returned with equally good virtues.

At a tender age of 18, Sanjana Katoch used to spend her time productively for the welfare of the orphans.  She had no clue that working for charity could ever craft her profession.  Today, she is one of the most renowned principals in the country.

Hailing from a Rajput family in a small town of Jammu, Sanjana found happiness amongst the orphans as she volunteered to impart education.  She took pleasure in giving evening classes to the children from classes I to VIII at the orphanage.  Despite social stigmas against women’s education, she forged ahead with resoluteness.  She pursued her higher education through private mode despite resistance from society.   Her determination did not die out under suppression.  She offered her services as a clerk in the Army School in Jammu.  Alongside this, she continued to attain degrees after degrees.

“In the ‘80s or ‘90s, girls were not allowed to pursue higher education.  I was married off at the age of 18 years.” – said Sanjana in a chat with Kenfolios.

Over the years she completed her double master’s degree.  She is an M.A (Economics) and M.Ed.  Sanjana rose the hierarchy ladder from a clerk to a principal at Army School.  She acquired 28 years of experience in the field of education. 

Though she never received any family support, she never lost focus on her goal.  Financial crunches were her biggest challenge for a decent living.  She worked tirelessly fulfilling her family responsibility, yet inscribing her professional space with laurels. Challenges never deterred her.  Her qualification and education were her only savior to sail her through the rough weather. 

“My social environment and a few unfavorable incidents in my family taught me a lot of lessons in life.  Today, I feel proud to be educated and self-dependent.” – said Sanjana Katoch in a chat with Kenfolios.

Sajana felt that as an educationist it is her prime responsibility to provide her services to the children who are the future of the nation.  During her lifetime, she had witnessed the importance of education in her personal life.  Her strong belief in karma kept Sanjana following the path of dignity and integrity.  She humbly feels that God has chosen her as his mascot to serve the children and upgrade society. 

Her struggles and unwavering will power has transformed her into a strong person.   Today, Sanjana is a live example of women empowerment.   She has won several awards for her services.  She has been highly acclaimed by the Education Council of India as the best principal, Ratna Sagar as the best writer, and CBSE for the best handwriting.  Further, she has been accredited as the best speaker at Amity University.  The SDM of Bawal, Haryana, has awarded her as the best social worker in COVID19.

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