Started Her Journey Alone, Fifteen Years Later, Starts Entrepreneurship To Bring The Fraternity Together

“One does not get born as a woman; one becomes a woman,” the quote by Simone De Beauvoir may not make sense to many. However, to the exception being such as Ms. Shweta Mathur, the words hold a sense of extending constituency that allows her to work harder for the fraternity of those women who are held behind.

With one step at a time, shattering the glass ceiling with her creative mind and aesthetic views, Ms. Shweta Mathur charged ahead in her journey to create a world for the women where they can feel empowered.

The true essence of feminism, unlocked by Mrs. Mathur’s caring and passionate mind, who had been in the entrepreneurial spirit for more than 15 years, extends her interior designing business.

She focuses on providing a space for the women to express who they are aesthetically through her newly structured company “Lick- Press on Nails.” She aims to provide a clear canvas to the women where they get the freedom to express their desire. Her main objective is to help extend the concept of sisterhood in a society where women can grow and develop.

What Makes Her Business More Unique:

Ms. Shweta Mathur initiated her interior designing business just fresh after completing her bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Maharani College. The aesthetic pleasure derived from the knowledge crafted for those years shaped her view.

Beginning to transform the lifeless office into a welcoming workplace, her mindset changed in fifteen years as she came to a realization that more women need to feel this sensation of exhilaration, the euphoria of having the power to change their own world, having the strength to be independent.

This thought process helped her to construct a world view where women are drawn closer to only one concept. The principle that Ms. Shweta Mathur believed in gave birth to “Lick- Press on Nails.” The enterprise links women through the realm of the beauty industry.

“Lick- Press on Nails” provides false nails and a range of designs to help the women profess their independence and aesthetics on the blank canvas. This economical method of presentation of the magnificence saves money, time, and effort, meanwhile giving them the authority to make their own choices. 

The Inspiration Behind Her Enterprise:

She was hailing from a very well off family where everyone had Ms. Shweta’s back made her realize that not all women share the same fate. She wanted to be the leaning rock for those women just as her husband is for her. Me Anil Khandelwal, being a successful entrepreneur of his own, always supported his wife to do well on her journey.

He managed to scrupulously be by her side as both of them focused on the quality of the product and preserving its essence. The extending balance and support that she gained from her family and husband have helped her shine as she continues to live by the mantra,

“When you are honest, you achieve whatever you want in life.”

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