This Architect couple is adding emotion to their creations through Human centric approach

Rohit & Saloni Sethi – Owner, Abitare Architects

Established in 1997 with a capital of 50 lakhs, Abitare Architects, is instrumental in creating unique, inspiring and functional spaces that gives the user an exceptional experience and leaves them with a sense of awe. After graduating from IIT Roorkee in Architecture and working under an architect for a while, Rohit Sethi, decided to jump into the entrepreneurial bandwagon with his venture ‘Abitare Architects’. His wife Saloni to joined in his venture and together they operate this Architecture and Interior design studio.

Today Abitare Architects work across hospitality, commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, heritage, corporate and urban design projects. The firm is built on the idea of Human Centric Architecture that, rests on the balance between, creating spaces that provoke thoughts and emotions and spaces that exude functionality and relevance. This journey, of integrating global perspective with the ever-evolving context, merges the channel of the client’s mind, to the river of the company’s creative expertise and practical knowledge. This journey and relationship are the foundation of the firm.

Rohit has always drawn inspiration from famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Norman Foster, which gets reflected in his design style and experiment with new ideas, materials, forms and textures. Today with brands like ITC and Marriott as their client, Rohit and Saloni aims to expand more in hospitality sector. The objective is also to expand and do more sustainable and environmentally inclined urban and small-scale projects while developing a R&D department and taking part in global competitions.

Apart from regular construction work, Rohit and Saloni believes in giving back to the society. According to Saloni,

“Over the years we have been working with several Gurudwaras and institutions to construct schools for the underprivileged, deaddiction centres and housing societies.”

And that’s how they want to bring in change in the society by their praiseworthy works and contributions.

Abitare Architects are into all kind of design, construction, architecture and interior related problems. From small scale interior design projects to large scale architecture and interior hotels or malls or township projects, they have it all. With a glitter in his eyes, Rohit proudly tells us,

“We aim to bring our clients’ wishes and dreams to life. Our extended team consists of several workmen, landscape, structure, vendors and MEP consultants. This coupled with our 25 years of experience in this field has made us pioneers of design, consultancy and construction projects.”

Like a true professional, the Sethi couple do not distinguish between a small and a large project. Equal effort goes into all of them where they devote little pieces of themselves. Their business focusses on Human Centric Architecture, detailing, functionality, space utilization, time / project management, personalized involvement and dedication. Even though Sethi couple’s venture is currently a grand success, like any other business it also went through several rough patches. Initially they lacked funds, followed by a proper office space to start working and with only few projects in hand, the future looked bleak and uncertain. However, strong determination, conviction and persistence have them confidence to carry on.  

Being a recipient of ‘Eldrok Award for Design of Luxurious Spaces’, Rohit feels that the young aspirants in the field of architecture and interiors should always work towards perfection. Though the path will be full of hurdles, never give up hope and stop dreaming. Success comes to those who remains determined, strong and faces every challenge with grit.

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