Partnerships Can Take You To The Height Of Success, Proves These Two Women In Business

Ms Sangeeta Hariani & Ms Madhavi Vithalani, Director/Owner, Global Kidz, are both well-groomed and skilled women in their entrepreneurship.  Ms Sangeeta Hariani is a self-directed, action-oriented skilled person with over 20 years’ experience in the department of early childhood & care. She Initiated her journey as a teacher, then became the head of the institution and took a leap of starting an independent preschool. On the other hand,  Ms  Madhavi Vithalani one of the youngest edupreneur is a dedicated and goal-driven professional educator with a strong allegiance towards the social, academic growth and development of every child. She explains, “As much as I’ve loved the classroom experience, I want to focus more on the big picture of preschool education… multitask and take risks which motivated us to don the hat of an entrepreneur in Early childhood care business and to shape the future Global learners.”


Their organization, Global Kidz, was established on 14th November 2016. Since then, many kids have joined the school because of the goal it serves. Parents of those kids clearly feel safe & reliable because of the well-planned developmentally appropriate curriculum it provides. Children here find the learning process fun, they enjoy & grow holistically. The institute believes in providing a safe place for children where they can learn, grow  and explore.

 “I believe that the skills & knowledge a child develops in the early years have a great impact on the aptitude & attitude of a child later in life.” – Ms Sangeeta Hariani

As technology slowly takes over the world, they reinvent and upgrade the curriculum on a continuous basis. So every year, they make a fresh curriculum keeping in mind the current and future necessities of a child. Basically, the school program provides early childhood schooling and care for children, and encourages them to develop a range of skills that make them ready to become 21st-century pupils.

The Objective Of The Institute:

By offering rich & exciting experiences where all children can explore & experiment, the institution enables them to learn & develop the skills within a safe & nurturing environment. Also, the one thing that they firmly try to maintain is, “zero emphasis on rote learning, and a strong need to communicate effectively, think creatively, and work collaboratively.” Both of these women just want the kids to thrive in a structured environment, and be prepared for things coming next. The schooling builds a great bond between the teachers & students too.

“If you have a deep passion for working with young children & want to make a difference in their lives, then you will have the perseverance to overcome any obstacle in this challenging but rewarding career”-  Madhavi Vithalani

Like every other startup, they had to face the “teething problems” but with the creative input and well-wishers blessing, all hurdles were dodged. They have seized the opportunity that was already existing in the market and made the most out of it. The creative day to day activity, adding new programs in students learning courses keep their minds engaged, all these worked in favor of them. Now the institution is running for 4 years with lots of children and happy parents.

The future seems optimistic for the organization as they are involved in the shaping of a generation. Through their work and sheer dedication, they can carve out potential gems.  It is a universal truth & is acknowledged worldwide that the early childhood period is the time when most of the personality is shaped. Therefore to change countless lives for the better, this organization is tending towards a brighter future.

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