Myco Group – Success Journey From Being A Startup To Flourishing Firm

Myco group is a flourishing company that is owned by Mr. Dinesh Lalchand Agrawal, he is also the acting director of the company. They have their corporate office at 203/204A, Bajsons Industrial Estate, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai 400099, Maharashtra.

Myco group also has their own website that you can visit at Myco group was started in 1961 with an initial investment of just 50,000 rupees. Their current annual turnover is just above 15 crore rupees. The business was started in 1961 by the father of Mr. Dinesh Lalchand Agrawal, Late Shri Lalchand H. Agrawal.

Mr. Dinesh Lalchand Agrawal is an electrical engineer. He is currently 57 years old. He developed a very vivid interest in his father’s business from a very young age. He used to frequently visit the factory with his father to observe things. After his education he joined his father and introduced new products to their arsenal and helped the company to expand in different countries.

Over the 61 years of operation Myco global has come a long way, they now also have a diverse range of products. Myco Global has served more than 5000 customers in 7 different countries globally.

Myco Global are the manufacturers of earthing and lighting protection accessories and cables. These components are essential to the construction of buildings, villas, oil rigs, etc. Essentially there is a need for their product everywhere people are using electricity. So they need to manufacture products that are high in quality and are reliable because someone’s safety and health depends on their products.

Apart from manufacturing lightning accessories Myco Global also recently got into aluminum recycling. Myco Global products help the people as they protect someone from a lighting strike as well as protect them from electrical surges. The cable surge or management system is responsible for managing cables over a large area such as halls, parking lots, arenas, and so on.

Since Myco Global has been operational for more than 61 years they are a well-known and trusted brand in the market. In the industry their name is synonymous to reliability and quality. Myco Global is also looking forward to expanding their venture in the near future. The Director Mr. Dinesh Agrawal says that they have some big things lined up and in-progress. They are even eyeing to set up new branch offices in few of the high yielding markets.

Mr. Dinesh really admired his father’s work ethic, culture, and hustle. These things really inspired him to join their business and help it expand globally. He wanted to build on his father’s legacy from the beginning and wanted to make Myco a world renowned brand.

Apart from his father he also believes Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani to be his role model and source of information. He really admires their personality and their work ethic.

Mr. Dinesh also thinks that the most important aspect in a business is to manage the finances. He feels every business should have talented and hard-working employees to help the business grow.

According to Mr. Dinesh’s main opportunity for growth was when there were limited people manufacturing similar products but they were not able to deliver on the quality aspect. After intense R&D Myco Global developed quality and reliable products.

He feels that his best quality is to be able to gel and connect with people regardless of their age. Mr. Dinesh has excellent hospitality and networking skills that helps him to establish connections.

One thing that Mr. Dinesh says he learned on his entrepreneurial journey is to never give up and to not be afraid of taking risks.

As some great advice to people just starting out Mr. Dinesh would like to say that you must look after your employees, remain practical and realistic if they want to excel in a y industry.

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