Spreading Her Beauty Secrets with the World — Vemula Sridevi

Based in Hyderabad, Vemula Sridevi is a 31-year-old who started Herbal and Co (  when she was 28. Vemula came from a middle-class family where her family couldn’t provide quality education to her but she was always passionate about becoming an entrepreneur.

Her aim was to become a respected woman entrepreneur in the society she belonged to and was concerned about her health and beauty that she started preparing skin and hair products for her personal use.

The outcome of her making these products was outstanding and the people around her started asking her for them and that’s when she started preparing the products for her close ones. As this continued, she completed an Ayurvedic diploma to enhance her skills and she was recognized by women and started getting attention.

She founded Herbal and Co in 2019 and the company’s present turnover is Rs. 36 Lacs and currently, the business has excellent demand for its natural products without any side effects. The company sells herbal products for hair and skin care online that are 100% Natural, chemical free and have no side effects. The company’s future goal is to help women be confident in their beauty.

Women empowerment and women losing confidence in their society are what encouraged Vemula Sridevi to start her own business. Vemula Sridevi considers her mother to be her idol as she sees her as a very hardworking woman who has worked hard throughout her life and has sacrificed a lot for her family.

In terms of the struggles and problems, she has faced as an entrepreneur has been to satisfy every customer as they expect instant results without the use of chemicals while it isn’t possible to do so and it becomes a task to educate every customer with patience.

As per Vemula Sridevi, the essentials required to start this business are quality materials,  natural ingredients, machinery, and genuine people who would do everything in their power to work for the company’s growth. She identified the opportunity as she believes that every woman wants to look beautiful as people look for natural and chemical-free products for good skin and hair.

According to Vemula Sridevi, what makes her unique as an entrepreneur is her way of motivating people and her passion to share her beauty secrets with every woman. Her learnings as an entrepreneur have been that there are a lot of emotions one has to let go of to succeed in their profession and grow a business.

Herbal and Co has won the Women Leadership Award from Hybiz TV and the Real Super Women Award from Forever Star India Awards.

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