People tend to fall over stumbling blocks, but I transformed them into my stepping stones

We spend years of planning from choosing a stream of subjects in school to a job with a hefty pay package.  Though we plan our life for a bright future, life happens in the most unplanned way, when it is least expected.   Let us read on to know how unexpectedly life changed its track. 

One does not need a degree of specialization in a specific field. Passion is enough to lead you the way.  Anil Kumar swung the oars of his passion and rowed himself to the shore of fitness.  Trained to be an engineer, he had no clue where life was headed.  All he knew was his strong desire to carve a name for himself in the fitness world.

Born and brought up in Jammu and Kashmir, Anil Kumar shifted to Bangalore to complete his graduation in Engineering from BSF Institute of Technology.  Like any ordinary kid, he merely wanted to support his family and make his parents happy. 

Little did he know that moving into the dormitory of the engineering college would change his life forever.  He was often subject to mockery with derogatory remarks for having a lean physique.  He was so fed up with being teased for a thin frame that he took to the fitness hub.  

As Anil adopted a healthy lifestyle, he felt the need to encourage everyone to eat right and exercise moderately.  Though he started going to the gym to get a desirous body, he understood the real essence of exercising.

“There was a lot of sweat, which is why I know what it takes to have a fit and healthy body. And I can empower people by sharing my personal experience.” – said Anil in a chat with Kenfolios.

When Anil Kumar set forward to do something out of the box, he had to face several hurdles.  Life was certainly not a bed of roses for him as he slept on the floors of the gym for months.  Without a penny in his pocket, Anil dared to dream of setting up a fitness center.  Today, he is the owner of a business with a turnover of 2 crores annually.  Though professionally an engineer, passionately he became an entrepreneur of the Fitness Empire.

Against all odds, Anil’s brother, Debashis, stood beside him like a rock.  His passion and brother’s encouragement and finance gave shape to what they fondly call – The Fitness Empire. 

Fitness Empire is a complete fitness solution with state-of-the-art gym equipment, highly trained coaches, and a custom-designed cross-fit routine. Apparently, each body has a different structure, stamina, and goal.  Keeping this fact in mind, Fitness Empire creates a tailor-made mechanism to resolve three major health concerns of the nation, namely, physical fitness, obesity, and mental fitness. 

One should not navigate the business for earning a profit.  You can churn money while pursuing your hobby.  Anil’s aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur stemmed from his passion.  And before he knew it, his dreams were navigating him to his ultimate destination.

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