Not being able to afford allopathic medicines, this father-son duo became homeopathic doctors to provide free and curable treatment to the poor

Though money cannot purchase health, medicines have the potential to cure. Let’s see how they brought back faith in homeopathic medicines with their resolution.

As a young boy, Dr. Deoshlok Sharma (Gold Medalist) could feel the sufferings of the deprived and their incapability of purchasing exorbitant allopathic medicines.  The poor faced challenging times to buy medicines when they barely had money to put food on the table. During his childhood, he resolved to provide affordable medical treatment to everyone. He found hope in homeopathic medicine and thus embarked on the journey of becoming a homeopathic doctor. He enrolled himself in Utkalamini Homeopathic Medical College, Rourkela, to pursue a B.H.M.S. degree. During his college days, he developed a dream to establish a homeopathic hospital to serve the community.

Initially, it was challenging for him to convince people about the benefits of homeopathic medicines  However, he never lost hope. His dedication and determination began to show positive results in people’s health and restored confidence in homeopathic treatment. The rapid recovery rate from homeopathic therapy began to see a rise in the number of patients.  His medical care helped him set up JDS Multi Super-Speciality Homeopathic Hospital and Research Center to provide world-class medical provision to people from all walks of life. The establishment of the hospital reinstated the faith in homeopathic medicines as the safest and the most reliable treatment worldwide. 

“Homoeopathy is not an “alternative” but “integral” part of healthcare,” says Dr. Deoshlok Sharma and Dr. Jitesh Sharma in a chat with Kenfolios.

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma began practicing as a homeopathic doctor from the age of 26 years.  Since then, he has cured over nine thousand people successfully. He passed on the legacy of homeopathic treatment to his son Dr. Jitesh Sharma, who has been practicing for the last decade. Dr. Jitesh Sharma is a highly qualified B.H.M.S. doctor who has completed his P.G.C.A. from Greece and is connected to the Central Council of Homeopathy, under the Ministry of AYUSH, Indian Government. The father-son duo together provides permanent solutions to gross chronic diseases. They have been working online and offline to combat COVID-19 complications through homeopathy. The father-son duo is distributing a free homeopathic immunity booster to prevent COVID-19 and making valuable contributions by spreading awareness about the efficacy of the homeopathic treatment. They are trying to escalate the clinical training to become equipped to manage acute and chronic diseases through homeopathy efficiently.

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma has received several Honours and Awards of Excellence and is recognized as the Doctor of the Year 2017. Dr. Jitesh Sharma has provided oral presentations to establish evidence of homeopathic treatment in the case of the Avascular Necrosis of Femur.  Further, he has organized a Homeopathic Diabetic Camp in Jharsuguda.

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