The Best Doctor To His People: His Contribution In Dental Care Is Unmatched

DR Soumya Ranjan Behera, the owner of Swasti Dental Care, completed B.D.S and has more than 8+ years of dentistry experience. He started his journey at 24, and now, at 32, he has seen so many changes in his community and has been a part of the differences in people’s oral hygiene. Becoming a doctor was always in his mind from childhood; since his parents were teachers and wanted him to become a doctor, he chose to be in dentistry.

What Encouraged To Choose Dentistry?

A doctor’s job requires many sacrifices, especially dentistry in India is an inferior subject to be discussed among common people and villagers. In Dr. Behera’s words, “dental surgeons deal with diseases of the oral cavity.” And he has worked heavily to treat many patients who are suffering from oral diseases. “8 years have passed for treating the people of Kalahandi and nearby. Society is changing nowadays when I started my practice. No one cares about oral diseases. Lots of patients with poor oral hygiene and not understanding the treatment goal. But nowadays there are changes in a patient like they are quite impressive,” says he.

Therefore, in his words, “I want to be a doctor for my childhood, a healthcare provider is always dedicated to society, and I always want to serve people who have driven me to this profession,” encouraged him to choose dentistry.

Inspiration & Struggle

He simply states that without his father, he couldn’t become the person he is today. Despite all the hurdles, his father has supported him through everything.

The best thing about Dr. Behra believes that struggle is the key to his success.

“As a dental surgeon, lots of people are commenting on lack of knowledge, or they only do know about teeth, but I showed to the public that I am a master of oral cavity by giving excellent treatment and with good behavior,” says he.

And in all of his endeavors, his family always helped and supported him to achieve his goal.

His Greatest Works

The Swati Dental Clinic by Dr. Behra is promised to provide the best service to his patients. He believes in 24/7 service; even at night, anyone calls, and he is ready to do as much help he can. Hence, that makes him unique and helps his profession to grow. The ultimate goal to be clear is to make India taboo-free and make people aware of oral cancer, tobacco, and stuff that require proper oral hygiene routine to follow.

Dr. Behra has been nothing but extremely positive in his journey, and his exceptional contribution has changed many lives and made people aware of oral health care & hygiene now more than ever. In our opinion, the country is in deep need of more people like him with a vision to make India tobacco-free.

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