Paving the path of Interior designing through creativity, imagination and artistic approach

Neha Jhanjhri – Founder, Meraki Interiors

Born is Shillong, popularly known as the Scotland of the East, Neha Jhanjhri has always been an interior designer who identifies herself as an admirer of beauty. According to her, mother nature has been kind enough to inculcate in her an inherent tendency to look through the finer things of life and further implicate the same in day-to-day life. In other words, all her creativity, imagination, and artistic approach to the things around her drove her to the path of becoming an interior designer.  Before starting up with her own venture, Neha worked with experienced professionals in the field of interiors, as a Fresher. While working with one such firm, she got an opportunity to design a project independently and execute the same. After the completion of the project successfully she started freelancing and that was the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

As a designer, setting up an independent design firm was not a piece of cake. The path was hindered with multiple challenges and at the same time, delivering satisfying results as per client expectations were critical. However, in July 2017, Neha founded Meraki Interiors and thus began her entrepreneurial journey. Currently her firm is working at pan India level pursuing villa and institutional projects like hospitals in Raipur, hotel project in Jaipur, commercial project in Raja Khariar in Odisha and some upcoming villa projects in Udaipur. Meraki Interiors also specializes in creating ergonomic furniture with spellbound colour combinations and intricate designs. They are designed specifically for efficiency and comfort. As compared to traditional furniture, ergonomic chairs ensure the user’s body is kept in a safe and upright position to reduce stress on the spine, neck and hips.

According to Neha,

“A well-designed interior is essential to a structure’s ambience. This is because interior design provides a soul to a building, making it more functional, pleasant and livable. So, it can be said a beautiful space are always ways to improve the mood, increase focus and reduce anxiety.”

She feels that homes and workspaces are not mere structures anymore. They are now considered as an extension of an individual’s character, so the need for an elegantly designed space is much more relevant today than ever before.

Since inception, Meraki Interiors is very particular about client servicing. They are into thorough requirement analysis before going full-cycle with their solutions into planning, designing and furnishing. They adhere to industry trends and through result-oriented approach provides the best space utilization solution. However, at every step they get in touch with clients for better clarity and transparency. Over and above all, a team of well-trained and certified professionals create wonders in Meraki Interiors with the help of cutting-edge technologies and latest software. On time delivery without compromising on quality has always been their USP. Neha feels that,

“Homes and workspaces are not mere structures anymore. They are now considered an extension of an individual’s character, so the need for an elegantly designed space is much more relevant today than ever before, as a result the future looks promising.”

Neha considers the celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan as per idol, and also accepts the fact that it’s her husband’s encouragement and support that led her to continue chasing her passion. Like any entrepreneur, she too had her ups and downs – initially as a designer, setting an independent design firm wasn’t easy, Elusive concepts in the clients mind sometimes led to problems but she always found her way through it just by being herself and presenting her designing skill. Managing home and work space simultaneously also posed few challenges.

She feels that one should have in-depth academic knowledge along with few years of industry experience before starting off by own. Managing client expectations is one of the most crucial aspects of running an interior design business. Establishing a mutual understanding of the end-to-end design process lays down the foundation for a trustworthy and rewarding designer-client relationship. As an interior designer, the reputation is everything in this business, therefore, consistently maintaining positive relationships with clients will lead to more successful and productive projects. According to her, it’s important in all walks of life to try not to lose sight of why you started out on your career path in the first place.

As a winner of “Indian Design Awards-2022 for Most Elegant Residential Interiors in Raipur”, she feels that hard work has no substitute. Before signing off, to all newbies she has some practical piece of advice – Develop outstanding knowledge of a diverse variety of styles, aesthetics and techniques. Creativity may not be a talent but exposure to a variety of designs gives you top-gear creativity. So, one should be ready to learn new things when one gets a chance.


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