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Raja Pantham – Founder, DigitalEdze

With a capital investment of 10 lakh, DigitalEdze was setup in Hyderabad in 2002, and its founder Raja Pantham had one sole objective of helping corporates, big or small, to gain market share through proper utilization of digital marketing. Today his company is worth 2 crore and has successfully made a place for itself in the digital marketing space by delivering high-quality services and producing results to give better ROI for every rupee spent online. With their progressive approach and following the changing trends, they make sure that their clients avail maximum traffic and revenues in turn.

DigitalEdze customise strategies that are bound to give online success with high rate of lead conversions through maximum traffic. Over the years, it has been helping businesses get more clients and sell more products using the advance digital marketing techniques. Customer acquisition followed by sales have been overwhelmingly high. Not only does Raja solve client’s problem through his firm, but also generates employment for the right candidate with highest acumen in the field of digital marketing.

He started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age of 21, when most of us would have been chalking out future career plans. As a young boy, he was obsessed with computers and technology and wanted to do something big in his life by his own, and so he never worked for anyone rather started his own firm at a young age and started experimenting with all the divisions connected to computers, be it training, assembling, web / internet or digital marketing.

Born in a small town, located at the banks of Godavari, he has been brought up in the arms of rich culture and around natural beauty, abound, and hence was quite natural for him to grow into an ardent nature lover. Over the span of his education, he has managed to stand out at elocutions and is well versed in English, Hindi and Telugu. Driven by the passion to cater for employment to many lacking experience, he happened to discover the digital marketing sphere. He has been a mentor, guiding business houses and startups to students to take the markets by storm. So far he has mentored two startups in India and one each in South Africa and Spain. Also, trained women entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities in digital markets and expand beyond brick and mortar business houses.

Raja draws inspiration from Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Their prolific thinking and innovation in the field of business is simply superb and motivating. They all are a step ahead because of their ability to predict future trends in business. Like any entrepreneur, Raja too had his share of struggles during initial phase. Getting guidance and handholding was a major challenge for him, and hiring the right team was another challenge. He believes that passion for anything can drive it to ultimate level than anything else. The fact that he hails from two decades of rich business experience, makes thing easier for him in understanding a variety of businesses and their challenges in first place, and innovative thinking and team building capabilities further helped him to a lot in professional life.

Over past few years, Raja has been showered with several felicitations which itself speaks volumes of his success. He has been on the cover page article of “CEO Insights magazine” and also being recognised as the “Coolest Entrepreneur of the Year”. He has also been identified as the “Most Inspiring Digital Marketing Trainer” and listed among “50 under 50” as the Most Influential Digital Marketing Expert and Mentor. Before signing off he shares some secret,

“Entrepreneurship is all about helping others, finding solutions and building trust especially when we are dealing with businesses it’s important to deliver value. As an entrepreneur you have to inspire others to do more, whether your client or your team member, you should lead them and show them possibilities.”

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