The Entrepreneur Who’s Emerging To The Height Of Success In An Young Age

Mr. Rahul Bhatia, founder, Monica & Sons, is an emerging businessman of India, who has been doing a remarkable job in his respective business for the last 4 years. Although he belongs to a business family background, he never took his work for granted. He has gotten his business & marketing degree (major in finance) from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

Since the year of inception, his business has been something huge to be reckoned with, in India & abroad as well for export. They basically manufacture ROPP Caps (Aluminum Bottle Caps) for the pharmaceutical industry & provide hassle-free cap unscrews. The business has a pretty good impact on the market. With the help of the latest innovation in ROPP manufacturing machinery, German technology zero human direct contact, robotic quality check, lab testing, and high-speed manufacturers. 

Business Development:

Mr Bhatia has chosen this business because of his father. His father has been a greater influence on him as he also worked in the same field for 30 years to be precise. So taking over the business, and giving it a modern twist was all his mind that led the business so far. With his creative mind, he came up with the idea of putting out something in the market, like the technology that will help the caps unscrew easily without the help of a bottle opener, or a husband for a fact. The goal of his company is to provide customer satisfaction above all & for the future, become a trade-friendly company & keeping the company’s value. All of this can only come from hard work which he acknowledges and ready to uplift his leadership for that.

“Opportunity is great because everyone needs quality at the right price”- Mr. Rahul Bhatia

His Little Wish:

The one true desire that he keeps within all of this pressure is to see himself on the cover of Forbes someday soon, and to our evaluation that is possible if he keeps doing the hard work. All of this was greatly influenced in his life by legendary Elon Musk, according to Mr. Bhatia, “he teaches what keeps you going on in difficult times, He faces lots of struggle with tesla and space – X, he has an aim and he knows one day he will achieve it.” In this journey, his maternal uncle has been his own pillar of strength for teaching him how to move forward in life even in difficult situations.

Also, after losing his mother, his senses were more awake and he seized every opportunity that came in his way. He firmly believes in his values, hard work, honestly, quick delivery, leadership, and dedication towards work will lead him a long way. He knows his responsibility so well, and the way he is willing to work hard for it makes it even more appreciable. We wish nothing but best for his future & his company as well.

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