PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions: India education icon award 2022

PlanEdu Consultants and Learning Solutions started their journey on the foundation laid by Mr. Vikas Bharati in 2008. Mr. Bharati started PlanEdu consultancy with a distinct vision to provide the right solution for education-related queries. He wanted to help young minds by giving proficient and customized education solutions. Since the young minds are fickle and indecisive, this is where PlanEdu comes in and guides them to choose the best path for their future.

PlanEdu helps aspirants by planning and formulating the ideal education and career road map. The distinct feature of PlanEdu consultancy is that we prepare the candidates to accomplish their long-term goals. Unlike other education consultancies that will help students get into colleges, PlanEdu plans to help tier 2 and tier 3 college students compete with tier 1 students.

PlanEdu consultancy believes in the quality of education rather than having a tag of an institution. Today, PlanEdu delivers quality education opportunities to deserving candidates throughout the country.

PlanEdu consultancy does not only help the students in getting quality education but also helps institutions with some special courses and admissions. We provide a sustainable admission structure with the main aim to provide a good ROI to the universities and colleges.

The company promotes a hybrid culture that motivates and inspires the students to learn every day. Leaders are created by people who have a habit of learning every day.

PlanEdu Consultants and Learning Solutions look to bridge the gap between the students and the education institutions by creating a winning situation for both parties.

The services offered by PlanEdu consultants for students are:-

Guidance for helping students to choose the right career path for them. Exploring higher education in India is not that easy. PlanEdu will help you by offering the most trending courses and universities so that the student can excel. The students will get counseling from experts regarding their dream colleges and courses. Students will get a hassle-free admission process. The education will also be in the budget of the student.

PlanEdu offers the following services to universities and education institutes:-

PlanEdu will take care of the marketing at a low cost. We will generate a better quality of admissions for the universities to increase their reputation. This will reduce the branding and marketing expenditure for the institutions as students will come to them based on their reputation. PlanEdu has successfully generated about 1 lakh admission applications. PlanEdu conducts its operations in all the central states, and our mission is to help low-tier colleges compete with tier 1 colleges by improving the standards of education.

PlanEdu also plans to enter the global education scene shortly. There we will provide overseas education facilities to the students. Students exchange programs will also be an essential part of us moving forward.

Employee satisfaction is very evidently visible at PlanEdu consultants and learning solutions. We look to provide our employees with good living standards, and this motivates our employees to work with dedication and loyalty. Our company also believes in regularly upskilling the employees. Mr. Bharati wanted all his employees to grow and prosper as he wanted the same for all the students.

Throughout the years, PlanEdu has been a silent yet significant partner in the success of many students. We want to extract the maximum potential from the bright and young minds that our nation offers.

Mr. Bharati wishes to create an ecosystem where students can fulfill all their education-related needs by PlanEdu consultants and learning solutions. PlanEdu looks to provide in the coming years, thus bringing a more prominent change to the education system. PlanEdu gives its students real-time information to carefully analyze all the colleges and universities.

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