Providing software services and solutions to his clients in alliance with some of the best global technology partners

Aamir Junaid Ahmad – Owner, SS Systems Pvt Ltd

Established in 2017, by Aamir Junaid Ahmad, a post-graduate in computer science and a doctorate from BIT-Mesra, who always love to guide business houses to grow through Digital Marketing. As an individual Aamir has been a creative person and liked experimenting with new concepts. Before diving into entrepreneurship, he worked as a Software Trainer with STG International. Later he started SS Systems which provides quality software consulting, and Digital Marketing. The team is focused towards providing world class software services and solutions in alliance with some of the best technology partners around the globe.

Specialised in custom software development applications, SS Systems Pvt Ltd, specifically carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development. Over the years this firm have managed to build a solid team of software development professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. Apart from serving end customers, the company also works for other corporates and IT companies. Their competence and expertise ensure excellent service delivery. Probably that’s why this particular IT firm have fast paced their growth in Patna over the last two decades.

Aamir proudly declares,

“We are a leading software development company operating from Patna. Our professional Web Development Team provides a wide range of Creative & Technical Web Solutions including Web Designing & Development, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing & SEO Services, be it developing a successful e-Commerce store or creating a strong corporate presence online.”

As an integrated IT firm, SS Systems deliver technical designs and implementations that take into consideration all theoretical principles of good software design. It provides competent and professional implementation of well-designed solutions along with the best solution by constantly tracking the product during its implementation.

Aamir feels that the future is bright. Software development processes and tools utilised to facilitate implementation activities are rapidly growing in terms of capabilities and ease of use. Furthermore, programming languages are continuously being extended, introducing innovative and powerful functionality for developers. These advancements actually open up new and exciting opportunities for businesses to exploit. He informs,

“As we also provide Digital Marketing solutions, we have to keep ourselves updated with the trends in this field. The world has been buzzing about how the Artificial Intelligence wave will take over every aspect of our lives in the future. Little do we realize, the change has already begun. Most of the content we consume on our social media platforms is fine-tuned by AIs to make our stay engaged for longer. Therefore, AI in Digital Marketing is our primary focus.”

Business for Aamir happened “by chance”, even though he always wanted to make a lot of money, have people pay a lot of attention to him and do a lot of exciting things. But to go about it wasn’t clear for him. He was then a professor in Computer Science, teaching programing languages to budding engineers but eventually lost interest as students were more interested in getting grades in university than learning skills and become valuable. However, an old friend of his, who was starting a hotel business wanted someone to develop a software for him. Aamir grabbed the opportunity, and along with two of his students, he created a software. However, by then, that friend decided to drop his idea of hotel business, thereby leaving Aamir and his students in soup. Without losing hope, he started cold calling and tried pitching their affordable software to several hotels in Patna. And one such call clicked and that’s how Aamir thought of starting up his own business – initially for the hotel industry and later expanded it to various other sectors, customised to their requirements.

Aamir, through his life lessons learnt one thing, if you have that positive attitude and tenacity in you then you can get going and nobody can stop you. Sara Blakely of Spanx has been his role model and he is largely inspired by her and her ideology of looking into the other side of failures and succeed accordingly. Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges – rewarding challenges, but harsh challenges nonetheless. Team building was the greatest challenge for SS Systems. Picking the right team is stressful and difficult. And then getting trained employees is hard as it costs more and hiring and training a fresher consumes lot of time. A balance of cost as well as skill is to be maintained. Human Resource Management is one of the challenging issue for Aamir, when they started.

As a successful entrepreneur, Aamir attributes his success to the sheer hard work that went in to build SS Systems. He believes that hard work outweighs talent and intelligence. With some prestigious awards in his kitty, undoubtedly his business is creating the right noise in its circle. He is the recipient of “Times Excellence 2021 under Software Solutions Category” and being adjudged as “20 Most Promising Startups to watch in 2021” by Business Connect. CEO Insight has identified him as “Top 10 Leaders in Online Ticket Booking Companies 2021”. He is also felicitated by “National Business and Service Leadership 2021 Awards”.  

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