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Mr. Abhay Kumar – MD, MAKc Automation & Solutions

With a mission to improve lifestyle through smarter homes backed by cutting edge technologies, MAKc started its journey in the middle of 2018 from Bangalore. It is into services like home automation, security system, CCTV surveillance, solar light, LED solution etc.  It also provides installation and AMC services across India. MAKc designs, builds & implements the technology solutions, that integrates technology. Their automation and control solutions for buildings and homes let people control entire environment with just a push of a button. All of these solutions are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling one to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform. MAKc is here to save energy and help customers save their money by installing smart technologies.

Abhay Kumar – MD, MAKc Automation & Solutions

MAKc’s founder, Manan Abhay Kumar, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 52 with a capital investment of 2 lac which has now grown into a 48 lac turnover company in just 4 years. After spending 28 years in Industrial Automation field as MD and Director Sales, this engineering graduate with an MBA in Finance & Marketing, decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge. In 2018, MAKc started as a system integrator company in the field of home automation, security & networking solution, lighting solution for home and commercial places with the aim to change service concept to high-end user.

Abhay wants everybody to embrace intelligent living and thereby switch to energy conservation, both for residential as well as commercial setups. Over the years, Abhay’s MAKc has gained reputation in providing smart customized solutions for secured and energy efficient homes that gives access to convenience, safety and security for the kids and the elderly. According to Abhay,

“We are a consulting firm and helps customer take the right decision. We educate them in terms of uses of power, with our own development of reliable & affordable Solar Home Lighting system. We are also trying to find the feasibility among rural users without incurring any addition cost of maintenance.”

After successfully functioning in Bangalore, MAKc now opens up in Noida followed by which it plans to create 5 more franchises by end of the financial year. With the USP of providing lifetime services without any hidden cost to users, MAKc claims to be providing all the smart home solutions at one place to the Indian home buyers. Abhay feels, the future is bright, and the market is growing exponentially, as post pandemic it will come out of the shell and start to stabilize. He has always been passionate about home automation, which led to start such unique venture.

Abhay considers his mentors – Rakesh Passi and Sunny Malhotra to be his professional inspirations. They did all the handholding when his career started, imparted all the knowledge which was required, and also prepared and groomed him for future challenges in business. Even though we have heard a lot of stories from first time entrepreneurs about their struggles and hindrances they faced during those initial days, luckily for Abhay nothing came across as such challenging till date. Things have been running smoothly for him. May be that’s because he utilised his time intelligently in understanding the future and kept building the solutions. According to him,

“I have spent my free time with kids associated with us for their grooming. My family is also running a small unit where we groom underprivilege kids with education, discipline and culture. In this short life of ours, we want to achieve a lot to get satisfaction. Our society is great and supporting us in all the ways whatever comes in the way to move forward.”

As a true professional, the MAKc founder feels that this market is free and open for anybody and everybody. One just needs to gauge the pulse of it, and take it forward with honest, sincere approach. According to him, those who are passionate, have right approach towards business and clear thought process can excel in the field of business. Patience is also key to success, as things just don’t happen overnight. And along with all these qualities, if finances are strong, then it makes a great entrepreneur out of those budding aspirants. One should be determined to reach the pinnacle of success by overcoming the fears of failure.

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