Puta Keerty : One of the most promising budding influencer and creator of India

Puta Keerty is a very promising young budding influencer and creator of India. You can find her on social media at KEERTYARTISTEE. She started her own business at the age of 19 and now she is 24. The personality of Puta drove her to be an influencer. She is a very fun loving, bubbly person, she is a person that loves to socialize and bond with other people. She had explored and seen the world around herself so she felt she could influence others as well.

Puta Keerty describes herself as a realist instead of being a daydreamer, so she felt that she could inspire and influence other people’s sad state of mind. But as soon as she started on this journey of being an influencer the world was hit by the pandemic. At this time Keerty decided to reach out to other social media influencers. Puta started out as a makeup artist then divulged in astrology then switched to a tarot card reader and then finally dealt with being a psychic. During the course of this journey she became a philanthropist.

Puta states that she could not let the world not see the beauty of buildings. She has passion for architecture as well as visual art. Puta feels that the buildings have the ability to speak for themself.

Puta Keerty conceived the idea of this business in 2018. She has a reach of over 200k + searches on insights. Puta feels that every person is her target audience. She wants to create positivity equipped with hope. She feels that if anyone is feeling low or sad then her content should be able to satisfy the people.

She has a target of creating designs and landscapes of the cities, suburbs, and so on. The main idea behind her business is to practise and produce the designs and construction ideas for buildings, statues, and other physical structures. Puta uses special immersive technology that is changing the architectural design process. Such practices help the architects to create a design of the layout even before the construction begins. Virtual reality is among the steps that can make user experience for builders and architects to be very immersive.

Puta got immense support from her friends and family when she decided to join visual art and this industry. Since she was always interested in architecture and also wanted to help others. She started to pursue her dreams as helping people to make their dreams possible with construction gives her immense satisfaction. Her main source of inspiration is her mother, she has taught her that she should always smile no matter the circumstances. She also often tries to find inspiration in other people and things.

She feels that during the initial stages of her business it was very important for her to reach her customers digitally and also work on the feedback given by the clients.

Puta Keerty believes that most people today run after searches and higher insights rather than showcasing their true talent. She believes that she wants to reach out to real audiences instead of creating unnecessary followers on social media.

She wants to encourage young influencers like her, she wants them to dream big and aim for higher results. She believes that giving our 100% in whatever work you do will give you some success at a point.

Keerty has won multiple awards in the field of architecture to name a few of her achievements are :-



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