She broke the cliche that girls’ should be restricted to the kitchen and created a niche for herself as the undisputed queen of the dental profession

She shattered the myth that women only have the talent to manage home and family. She proved to society wrong and showed them that she did not belong to any patriarchy. Let us read on to find out about her journey to become one of the most reputed dentists in India.

Dr Arti Misra grew up in an ordinary family. Her father was an employee in a bank. She watched her mother managing the household affairs while her father was the breadwinner of the house. Being the eldest daughter, she acquired the maturity of worldly affairs rather early in her childhood. Though she was too young to decide her career, she knew one thing for sure that she will not live a life of dependency.

Though she hailed from a family without any medical background, her parents were her source of inspiration in her pursuit to become a dentist. After toiling hard for four years and successfully completing her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery, she underwent one year of a mandatory internship programme. Even after receiving several lucrative offers to join a dental clinic and hospital, she was determined to start from scratch. She always had the dream to set up her independent dental clinic. In her pursuit, Mr Srinidhi supported her. He guided her with business ethics and taught her to maintain integrity for the prosperity of her business.

She embarked on her journey in her dental profession at the age of 30 years. Arranging for an initial financial investment to set up her dental clinic was the most challenging. In 2014, she materialised her dream with the inception of Total Tooth Care. With her undying spirit, she aesthetically designed her clinic with the latest medical equipment and state-of-the-art instruments with Rs. 9 lakhs.

Upon the establishment of her Total Tooth Care, she encountered yet another challenge. Gaining the trust of patients was not easy amidst several experienced dentists already present in the town. She kept her composure and worked towards achieving her goals. She discussed and explained step-by-step procedures to her patients and assured them of painless and successful outcomes of the surgery. Her genuine concern and ability to provide comfort to her patients won their confidence and trust. Gradually, Dr Arti Misra gained momentum with her discipline and dedication towards her profession and her patients. It was not long before her Total Tooth Care was flooding with patients.

“Without having any doctor background, initially, it was tough to gain the trust of the patients. As I slowly learned the art of entrepreneurship, I had a pool of patients later. The impact of personal life, the cliche regarding the girls that they belong to kitchen and home and it should be their priority, still, such things being persistent in society, pushed me to become an independent lady and to show that I do not belong to patriarchy and there is no need to follow it. You can always carve your path.”

says Arti Misra.

The establishment of her dental clinic is symbolic of women empowerment. Dr Arti Misra not only created a niche for herself as an independent lady but also broke the cliche that women should suffocate their dreams within the four walls of their house. She is an inspiration for society.

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