Story of the man behind the transition of an ordinary government school to one of the best schools in India

Students are like sponges. They absorb what we surround them with. Every child has the right to get education. Some go to private schools and others make it government schools. But there is an underlying belief that government schools are for underprivileged kids who don’t ask for more. Dr. K. K. Mishra from Chhattisgarh, the principal of S. E. C Railway Higher Secondary School has changed the imperceptible, yet strong notion of connecting inadequacy and government facilities. He has been the principal of this school since 2011.

Mr. Mishra studied in a government school with limited facilities. So, when he became the principal of the school, he wanted to rectify all the issues and wanted to provide good, high standard facilities for the wards of railway employees. He devoted himself to this institution to offer generous development in both academic and extracurricular activities. He relentlessly functioned as the strong pillar of the institution for bringing the transitions. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a walk in the park.
Every student deserves to obtain education with quality. But mostly, government schools fail to meet the needs of the students at different levels. Let it be academics, lab facilities, infrastructure or even fetching equal opportunities.

I have studied in a government school. So, I know all the limitations and drawbacks the students would probably face. That’s the reason I wanted to bring a change to this system.‘’he said

The dream of Mr. Mishra and several others were brought into life after years of hard work and dedication. His willingness to act as an individual to provide a better educational environment for his students is commendable. It was a great transition for others to look up to and even to adapt the same idea for changing the whole system.
The honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is his inspiration to work harder. Initially, like any other undertaking, he also had to face issues. The parents weren’t that supportive, nor the students. Lack of facilities and services were of great challenges. So, he started from the basics. He implemented all the facilities which students would want these days. Also, he conducted motivational sessions for the parents to come forward and to work out the issues. Gradually, he earned the trust of both students and their parents. Later, S. E. C Railway Higher Secondary School has become a role model for other government railway schools. Teachers adapt innovative technologies to make learning effective and interesting.

Students are the future of our nation. So, they deserve to obtain high quality education to be a better human being as well as to build a bright future. Mr. Mishra’s advice for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring teachers is to be loyal and dedicated to what they do. Because, if we put effort for a good cause, it sure will give us results.
S. E. C Railway Higher Secondary school has bagged many awards including Best Green School Award in India- Sri Lanka Global Innovative Exchange Summit — 2019, Best Principal Award in India — Sri Lanka Global Innovative Exchange Summit — 2019, International Outstanding School Award 2019, etc.

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