Talented woman from Vijayawada is inspiring women to do business by following their passion

The jewelry industry is something everyone is fond of. Some love to wear them, some love to own them, and some other love to gift them. How beautiful and thoughtful it is to give and receive jewelry as gifts. Women wear and heavily invest in jewelry on a daily basis. This is the story of a woman who foreseen the possibilities of the jewelry industry.

Golla Sandhya Devi, a woman who aspired to be an entrepreneur from a very young age, and she became one when she grew up. She was born and brought up in an Indian Orthodox family. Even from a younger age, she wanted to be different from others. Golla Sandhya loved jewelry. She always tried to stand out by experimenting with new trends in jewelry. And her passion for jewelry inspired her to take a step forward and became an entrepreneur.

“ We should never stop learning new things. Always be open to knowledge. Because once you stop learning, you will stop growing.’’- she said.

She relentlessly worked for what she was passionate about and stayed positive throughout all the difficult times. Because Golla Sandhya firmly believes inconsistency If you work consistently for what you are passionate about, you will never fail to achieve your desired goals. And that’s the reason why she has reached where she is right now. Her unique and stylish design helped her to make a brand of her own, Sandy Jewels. She is the owner of a designer retail studio located in Vijayawada, which was found in 2012 May. It was a unique and uncommon experience for people in Vijayawada since a jewelry brand owned by a woman was the first-ever concept for them. The initiative was for the people who wanted to be unique and stylish.
Golla Sandhya always managed to update herself with the ever-changing trends, and They create designs and customize the product according to the customers’ taste and choice. Her future prospect is to create a brand of her own.

Like any other business, jewelry also has competition in the market. Even when Golla Sandhya had to face pressure and struggles in the industry, she stuck on to her goal and worked until she reached her goals. Golla Sandhya has always been inspired by all the women who followed their dreams and goals.

Her urge, passion, and determination is the reason she was able to start a business of her own even when things went wrong. She competently worked out all the problems she faced. Her advice for aspiring jewelry designers is to focus on both traditional and contemporary styles and slowly create a unique style in the market. She designed for the needs of the customer with dedication, and she became a unique entrepreneur. An enthusiastic woman who has passion and goal cannot be stopped. She will definitely reach heights of success. Golla Sandhya and her journey itself is an example of the same.

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