Though I may be only a small pebble, I can create several ripples once cast across the waters

What makes humans stand apart from other species of the earth?  The primary purpose of humanity is to live in harmony.  To revive the innate qualities of humans, one man is standing against all the odds to serve mankind with peace, love, truth, right conduct, and non-violence. Let us read on to know more.

Though you will not find a cape fluttering behind his back like other superheroes, Dr. Dibajyoti Saikia will prove to be no less than a knight in shining armor who magically appears to save humanity from being attacked.   The rising superstitious notion and social stigma act as a dagger to murder compassion, brotherhood, the dignity of women, and the feeling of oneness. Dr. Saikia scrolls the conflict zones to bring about social reforms and restore peace and humanity.

Born in a small town of Assam in North Lakhimpur, he was immensely inspired by his parents’ strong principles.  During his growing years, he etched his name in performing arts.  He appeared in daily soaps on television and became a celebrity with his acting capabilities.  However, the desire to serve the nation like his father, Dr. Saikia founded ‘Brothers’ in 1999, a national level social organization to play the role of humanitarian instead of a hero in T.V. serials.

“I was not happy with the screen hero or reel hero . I was always focused on real achievements. I always wanted to see myself as a real life hero and not as a reel hero.”

Dr. Saikia was deeply affected by the hollowness of superstition and social evils suffocating the society. He felt the need to awaken people to humanity.  He worked tirelessly to rescue the dignity to live irrespective of caste, creed, and race. 

His ‘Brothers’ have a sole objective to unite people in brotherhood, humanity, and peace to lead the nation on the path of prosperity.  The team travels to rural and semi-urban parts of India to educate people about human rights and communal harmony.  Further, ‘Brothers’ is determined to eradicate superstition, such as witch-hunting and social evils, such as child marriage.  They endeavor to bring about social reforms by educating the rural population and inducing scientific temperament to prevent human trafficking, terrorism, drugs, etc. The team has also extended their helping hands for flood-struck people and developing infrastructure in villages.

Dr. Saikia’s efforts have brought about a radical change with the introduction to “The Assam Witch Hunting PPP Act 2015”.  Currently, he is lending his voice against mob lynching to implement another act- PAN India Anti-mob Lynching Act and Law. 

Facing many unwelcomed situations, he has survived several attacks.  Unfazed by the danger lurking around him, Dr. Saikia understands the path he has chosen will be full of peril.  Yet he advances fearlessly to be the change.  He believes that if his efforts can save a life or unite people, one day we will all be singing a melodious song of brotherhood in chorus.

Dr. Saikia’s contribution and social work have been the headlines of The Times of India, Outlook, Economic Times, ABP News, Zee News, and the list is endless.

Standing like a rock may not make many changes in society, but a tiny pebble can create a ripple effect.  His message of peace is engraving trails of unity, peace, and harmony in the hearts of thousands of people.

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