With a mission to influence the habits, attitude & knowledge of people and community relating to their wellness & health

As a final year civil engineering student, Prasad. C. Sonavane is also a former U-16 national level cricket player. He has also got the privilege of leading the university cricket team. At the tender age of 21, Mr. Prasad jumped into the Entrepreneurship journey and started his own Wellness club on 1st March 2020. 

As he has always been a sportsperson, hence he recognized the importance of being fit early in life. It influenced his decision to become an entrepreneur in the wellness industry. The urge to come into the wellness industry came from his inner decision to spread the wellness and fitness message in society.

His entrepreneurship journey started when he saw his mother facing health issues. It sooner made me realize the importance of being healthy and propelled him into the wellness industry. His business has catered to the wellness of people in positive ways and made significant contributions to their health and fitness.

He always regards his Mom as his Idol because she is always focused and consistent to change herself and she always keeps herself healthy and fit. His wellness club modifies people’s behavior to attain the aim of ideal health. He always endeavors to serve physical fitness which is a vital component of wellness.

The USP of Mr. Prasad’s business has always been about Mindset, Nutrition & Health. His professional spirit has always been to help people which gives him immense self-satisfaction and encourages him.  

He has always been successful to influence the lifestyle of the people in positive ways. He has also been instrumental in teaching people about the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  His goal in life is simple “Never lose any hope and don’t despair!”. Undoubtedly all failures lead to success.

What makes him matchless as an entrepreneur is that he always handles his wellness club as his family. He has been instrumental in bringing a humble and personal touch to his training which gives a homely feeling to people. It propounds a sense of trust among them. He believes in himself and his work.

His business caters to the needs of society to solve their weight management issues and coaches people on the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown worldwide shook his confidence for a little while but it also inspired him to think out-of-box. He ventured into a virtual wellness club which enables people to reach people from different cities and states. It was a learning phase for him in this pandemic.

Mr. Prasad has tried to create a wellness club that is home to all mind, body, and soul needs. In the future, his business will leave no stones unturned to reach more and more people of society and make India fit. His business is committed to solving today’s modern lifestyle problems caused by unhealthy lifestyles and the consumption of bad foods leading to many lifestyle diseases such as Obesity & Malnourishment. He is a man with a mission.

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