The Diabetologist who is changing the fate of diabetics through awareness and treatment

Dr Y Premchandra Singh – Directorate of Health Services, National Health Mission, Manipur

Doing good to people was always his priority and it all started when Dr Y Premchandra Singh started working as a Diabetologist in Diabetes Clinic, district Hospital Churachandpur in Manipur. As an experienced physician, Dr Singh was aware of increasing cases of diabetes and hypertension that has engulfed a lot of villages, where many patients are left undiagnosed and uncontrolled. That’s exactly when he sought to work on a larger platform at state level so as to bring up some health program to start screening of diabetes and hypertension in the community. With such aspiration and determination, he got an opportunity to become the District Nodal Officer of NCD in Churachandpur District in 2015 and then State Nodal Officer in February 2018. NCD (NPCDCS) program was launched in Manipur state in Dec 2015 for opportunistic screening of diabetes and hypertension.

Something which started almost half-decade back is now showing some success. Dr Singh informs,

“Our NCD program has expanded to all 16 districts of Manipur. Population based screening is now extended to all the districts where there are Health and wellness centres (HWC).”

And with ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) making door to door visits in the villages have further helped in spreading the awareness on diabetes and hypertension. They even offer specific appointment for free testing of diabetes and hypertension in HWC.  Mondays have now become NCD day in all the HWC.  As a result, now the villagers do not have to visit town or city for diabetes testing or management. Staffs at HWC also educates the villagers on lifestyle changes, dietary and exercise guidelines and consult with the doctors over telephone and using eSanjeevani – a telemedicine mobile application. The rural villagers can now get connected directly to the specialist doctors over smart phones.

All these measures will bring down the hardships and mortality of the patient. The quality of life of the patients will improve. The economy of the society will also be increased in the long run as the morbidity declines. Cost of travel and purchase of drugs will also be reduced. Overall it will have an enormous positive impact to the society.

Serving people brings in extensive joy to Dr Singh, something which he learned from his mother, Karam Janorei Devi, who was a Nurse and served the poor and needy patient with utmost dedication. In fact, Dr Singh draws inspiration from his mother who is hardworking and served patients unconditionally besides managing family chores. Dr Singh too wishes to take the legacy forward and be known for his service to the mankind.

Dr Singh feels that,

“Service to mankind is next to Godliness. You can derive peace and happiness in the work you enjoy.  I love the work I do and am engaged fully with commitment. I work as a team and build up the team so that they can also work independently.”

To all youngsters who want to make a difference by serving the society, Dr Singh advices to work consistently in the areas of passion and expertise, and that would definitely lead to success. Serving the needy gives solace to the soul and hence should be encouraged. Helping the poor and under-privileged can only make this world a better place.

Dr Singh’s effort has been widely recognised and the list of rewards and recognition is the proof of same. He has been a SKOCH semi-finalist for 2019, followed by HMT Excellence Award recipient. He also bagged the prestigious “Best Practice Award 2019 (MoHFW , GOI) for VIA screening of cervical cancer” and has been the recipient of “The Leadership Award 2019”. These awards further encourage him to continue his noble service towards mankind. We wish him all the best.

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