The Doctor who left his practice mid-way for the love of Photography

N Harikrisshnan – Director, Huskky Photography

Founded in 2016, in Coimbatore, Huskky Photography offers all kinds of photography services with special attention to Wedding Photography, which has been their forte. It is named after the canine breed, Husky, which is all hardworking, charming and full of energy. At Huskky Photography, clients are treated like a family and are thus given the best shot just like any family members. They work in sheer enthusiasm and stay pally with their clients. With the prime motive of capturing unique moments and help to treasure them to relish it, Huskky Photography has been clicking pictures with the help of professionally trained photographers and latest equipment, for the best ever output.

N Harikrisshnan, one of the founder directors of Huskky Photography is a doctor by qualification. He finished his MD and turned over into the creative field of photography and creative services. Even though a lot of acquaintances questioned his decision of entering photography and tried to cite dissimilarity between the two professions, Harikrisshnan would say,

“As a doctor I understood to search and find the problems and bad in people, as a photographer I’ve trained myself to overlook the flaws and find the good side of all people. It’s all about our perspective towards life and people, it defines any business, especially creative businesses.”

Huskky Photography, in their sixth year of business is slowly moving towards the pre pandemic levels of business, it’s steadily growing into more fields and would soon establish a Premium International Wedding Photography company.

Huskky Photography started its journey with an initial capital investment of 5-10 lac, and after six years of successfully capturing moments of its several clients, it is now a 30-40 lac turnover firm. With primary HO based in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, it has booking offices in Coimbatore and Chennai, apart from which it has global team working from Munich, Bavaria, Germany as a part of franchise arrangement. Harikrisshnan proudly states that,

“I am doing photography from 2010, I’ve been primarily active in Eastern & Central Europe for the first 4-5 years, then there was a moment where we wanted to set up a photography team that would deliver the European elegance and natural tones in an Indian setup and events.”

By providing utmost priority to customer’s emotions, Huskky Photography’s goal is to establish new normal in Indian photography business. Through their photography they narrate the story which is more likely to stay for ages with uneroded emotions attached to it. One shouldn’t be shy about trying to record what they know about a picture, and about finding some way of keeping the picture together with its story. Sincere and natural expressions of inner happiness and pleasure can make a photo special — but so can other expressions and emotions too. There’s no need to be contained by formal or traditional definitions of wedding or event, anything that brings people together and bonds them as a group can work. Sometimes friends are closer than relatives. The next uniqueness of Huskky’s business is their recent venture into all the natural tones and natural light that goes into both pre and post wedding sessions, which not only concentrates on getting fantastic images for clients, but also enables the couples to have a good memorable time, develop natural chemistry and bond. This brings originality to the captured images. Huskky doesn’t believe in recreating, but believes in creating special moments and images for all the clients.

Harikrisshnan is into advocacy of natural lighting when it matters to quality photography. He says,

“We’re living in the age of YouTube, webseries, Reels, and a lot of content that are primarily made using natural light and I think to complement such a trend we ought to also concentrate on the subject and portrayal of subject using natural light in the best possible setting. When it comes to weddings and events, especially outdoor shoots, we advocate the good old natural light, as old is the new now.”

As a recipient of the Best Photography Start-up 2022 in TNSA (Tamil Nadu Start-up Awards), the guys at Huskky Photography are super excited and promises to stay focussed for more such accolades and delighting customers with their exemplary work in the field of photography services.

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