The Interior Designer who is creating dream interiors that’s classy yet affordable

Gostha Gopal Mondal – Owner, GGM Home Décor Pvt Ltd.

From his young age, Gostha Gopal Mondal, used to fancy decorating his own room and finally in 2011, when he turned 21, he decided to take an entrepreneurial plunge by launching his own venture into interior designing. With a mission to preserve the dreams of his clients regarding their living spaces and execute the same in full glory, GGM Home Décor Pvt Ltd, started its journey from Kolkata’s Poddar Nagar. And in last 10 years, they have been successfully creating happy customers around.

GGM Home Décor that was started with a capital investment of 10 lakh, is now almost 1 crore worth company that offers a collection of unique combination of classical and contemporary styles blended with magical authenticity of vastu sastra which is conceptualized in decorating the house for a comfortable and energy efficient stay of the beloved ones at home. Gostha Gopal’s firm efficiently carries out all interior works that includes flooring & tiling, false ceiling, wallpaper and wall painting, modular kitchen setup, wardrobe, kid’s room, furniture and lighting work and others. In a word, their integrated services will transform the entire house in a cost effective manner.

As an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified firm, GGM Home Décor is committed to provide quality output thereby exceeding customer expectations. Gostha Gopal happily shares,

“At GGM Home Décor, we boast of having over 500 happy customers. The reason for this is simple, we ensure that our customer expectations and final product are in sync with each other. This has led to a very strong customer recommendation network across the city, state as well as the country.”

The designing team is so passionate about their work that they treat each and every project as their own and executes the same with utmost care and professionalism. The team also understands the aspects of design and psychological expectations fused with sciences such as Vastu which is the home for both man and God, and accordingly processes each of their blueprints.

In spite of being affordable, GGM Home Décor is not known to compromise with quality and punctuality. They strictly adhere to project timelines, maintains complete transparency, employs experienced professionals, does expert supervision, open for customisation and actively responds to client queries. This is what makes them the most sought after brand and a reliable one too in Kolkata market.

Goshto Gopal candidly admits,

“Actually, nothing encourages more than your passion. I had a passion for designing, I had a passion for setting up my business and so I did.”

Like a true professional he takes inspiration from his team who works sincerely to get their clients’ work done efficiently. He also is also very careful about his professional and personal life and doesn’t mix the two and skilfully have drawn a line between the both. Even though he had some ups and downs in his personal life, he didn’t allow that to have a scar in his business. And in his venture, like any entrepreneur, he faced financial hardships at initial stages. Lack of proper resources and portfolio too made him suffer for a while. However, he started very low, kept doing small projects and steadily build up a portfolio to gain bigger projects in the later stages.

Like a true businessman, he advises that ‘dedication, hard work & creativity’ are the essential skillset needed to shine in this line of work. Above all passion to continue in this passion also helps to remain afloat in the long run. Creativity too plays an important role, because that’s how you differentiate your offerings than the existing players in the market. Interior designing is here to stay with great prospect. Due to rapid urbanisation and boom in real estate market, more and more flats are being constructed and people’s want for decorating their living space will be there by default.

Even though Goshto Gopal have not yet received any award for his exemplary services, he is not demotivated about it. In fact he strives hard to keep his clients happy and believes that one day this effort will be recognised by industry body. And to that humble thought we wish him all the best.

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