The man who took the initiative as a young entrepreneur to start providing seeds to farmers and now he has been rewarded with the Quality Mark Award 2021

Mr. Nimesh Ajudiya  (AgriBee Seeds Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Ajudiya Nimesbhai Vallabhbhai is now 30years old, and he started his career just one year, on 3rd December 2020. His business provides fresh and highly cleaned seeds which are more productive to the farmers. The address of his organization is G1486, D Road, Kishan Gate, GIDC Metoda, Rajkot 360021. He came from an agricultural background; therefore, the agriculture sector encouraged him to choose this profession. He deals with most agricultural seeds and vegetable seeds in the current situation. His business status is highly active, with a turnover of 7CR, which is remarkable as his business provides good qualities of seeds to the farmers by solving their problems to find good and productive seeds.

According to him, the specialty in his business is the high-quality sortex clean seeds. His business always provides fresh and clean agricultural seeds, making his products better than the other products in the market. In the future, he wants to provide seeds to every farmer of our country because it will treat the different aspects of raising agricultural products as an integrated system.

When he had just started his business, he faced several problems but was never afraid of those; rather, he learned from those personally. He faced financial issues, stereotypes of aging, stress, self-doubt, and many more. But he took the challenge and dealt with society and all the criticism. He told that he gets inspired by his father personally And professionally because he has seen his father since his childhood doing business. It motivated him to do something independently and uniquely. And now, his organization is one of the most trusted organizations to provide qualitative agricultural products.

Being creative, he always worked hard to establish his business by analyzing his competition and providing great service. He wanted to create a fresh and innovative idea to start his business because he was too passionate about this. His business helped the agricultural industry by producing various crops as his business provided the best seeds to the farmers.

He thinks there are several essential needs to start a new business. There was a problem with hiring employees and finding customers at the beginning of the business. Therefore his opinion regarding this to commit your business requires knowing the industry very well. They have to join the proper organization to learn all the systems, and then they should build a perfect team to stay curious about all the possibilities.

To identify the opportunities in the market, he followed some techniques. He spoke to all the prospects he had lost. Then he talked with the current customers to know their needs. In this business, analysis of the competitors is one of the most important factors. He analyzed his competitors thoroughly. After that, he understood the market policy very well. Not only that, but also he explored different types of indirect opportunities to establish his business. He also looked at environmental factors, and he analyzed the foreign market to maintain a qualitative proportion. Finally, he investigated all the other industries.

Today Mr. Ajudiya Nimesbhai Vallabhbhai is an established entrepreneur who thinks all taking risks and initiative helps him succeed in this profession. He believes that ‘if there is no problem is coming your way while doing business, it means you are in the wrong way.’ He faced them one by one, and every time he tried to solve them with the full effort. He said he didn’t want to associate his personal life or family life with his business life.

He always wanted to look for new opportunities. He planned his ideas with more resources. He is a very creative, questioning-minded person who helped him a lot to concentrate in this career. He believes in teamwork. It also helps to give a sense of wonder, adventure, and determination.

He has learned many things from his entrepreneurship. He has to understand the principles of starting a business, making the products more efficient, developing a perfect business model with a good team, leadership. He learned how to seek advisors to help guide the growth. Entrepreneurship has instructed him that money is not everything in this profession. Achieving success and leading teamwork is the main aim of this career.

He wants to mentor the young generation who have started a new business or aspiring entrepreneurs. He advised them to challenge themselves first. They should do their work passionately and take care of that properly. Everyone should take the risk and believe in themselves. Find a perfect quality and quantity of people to build a perfect team for your dream work to make it happen in reality.

In 2021, Mr. Ajudiya Nimeshbhai Vallabhbhai has been felicitated with the Quality Mark Award and achieved great success.

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