The Man Who Triumphed His Fate By Working Hard To Follow His Dreams

Mr. Murari Rai, the project director at All India Environment Educational and Social Welfare & Founder Interrail Country Wide Services Pvt. Ltd Delhi. He has 8+ years of experience in project engineering, and he also is a part of  NGO AIEESWS as Social Worker A Maser Initiative on Sanitation with the environment. Through his work, he tries to serve “consultancy service on low-cost sanitation and provide low-cost sanitation to everyone and save our environment & forest.” This is a great cause, but no one really talks about these, neither too many dreams to become a part of this sector for the country. But, Mr. Rai is exceptional.

His NGO was established in 2004; since then, he never once stopped doing things that will make our society a better place. The organization provides sanitation at a low cost and earns from human & municipal waste management. This solves the issue of public toilets, human waste management & takes care of environmental health. For the future, he plans; “To promote employment as a public health issue as well as an economic one. And Increase employer links through a better partnership with business support”.

“My inspiration comes from my father. He has spent every day of his life working hard, and I have never once heard him complain about being tired and overworked.”

The job requires a lot of energy and the ability to face new challenges every other day, and Mr. Rai is quite prepared to handle them. It is a demanding job, and he enjoyed it. Not out of dutiful responsibility but rather as a passion, he sees his job. He has seen his father struggle, and it is his personality he adapted. Seeing his father doing what he does best, and not being afraid or tired of struggles made him inspired. Mr. Rai is grateful for that learning from his father. In his working life, many things matter, such as a good reputation & work ethic, which he truly follows every day.

In the initial days, there was an issue of financing & teambuilding, but in time he was able to manage his funds and get the foundation on its feet. He further says that here in India, there is a lot of potential in the sanitation, environmental, and health sectors. But people are required to select the right field at the right time.

Seeing himself as an entrepreneur was huge to him, and his responsibility gave him the motivation to achieve things on his own. He also claims himself as a hardworking and risk-taker. He loves challenges and knows very well how to handle them. Also, channeling his entrepreneurship has never been tough because he is not a giver and knows to embrace small wins as these are the essence of life.

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