The passion of making chocolates for her kids has now grown into a full time business

Diviya Darshan – Founder, DD Chocolates

For Diviya Darshan, life took a different lane altogether after she became a mother. She had to quit her steady job in IT sector, just to take care of her kids and family. This Engineer turned homemaker, however wanted to create her own identity. She was always passionate about making chocolates, and more so for her kids, who loved it and further encouraged her to continue with varieties of them. That’s when she re-discovered self and started home based chocolate making business. By doing so, she simultaneously managed all household chores as well as looked after the chocolate business. Thus, in August 2020, DD Chocolates was born.

She took up various courses to learn more and more techniques in chocolate making, and then initiated online business of her home-made chocolates. Later she started supplying it to the corporates, followed by big birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. Everybody is in love with DD Chocolates, as much as she enjoyed making them. The joy and love which she saw in those children’s face further encouraged and motivated her to make it big in this segment. Today most of the retail stores and super markets in Chennai stocks DD chocolates, which itself is a great success. Diviya, who started the business at 28, feels that most women remains confused or in a dilemma after getting married. According to her,

“I believe in the power of vision and being persistent. I had the vision to make it big and wish to stay true to it. In spite of facing so many hurdles, I was determined to run this business because I had the vision even before my company started.”

Today DD Chocolates does 1.5 lakh worth of business per month, and is a household brand name in Chennai and surrounding markets. People started booking these chocolates through online  & buying from retail markets. People book DD chocolates for every occasion in their family. They started celebrating every function and occasions with DD chocolates, and that’s overwhelming. Something that started very small has now spread its wings, just because its founder was visionary and determined. DD chocolates are now into homemade chocolates, customized chocolate gift boxes for various occasions. They undertake corporate orders, wedding and birthday return gifts.

The fact that DD Chocolates are made with real organic stuffs and do not contain any preservatives, speaks for its quality itself. Customized chocolates are prepared as per customer’s requirements. And the varieties that they can generate is something beyond imagination. And that’s exactly why the customers keep coming back to DD Chocolates. Even though, Diviya has established a good equity in Chennai market, she now wants to conquer the entire South, followed by a national distribution and probably get into the global market in the near future.

She credits her family and kids for this success. It is because of their support and constant encouragement that she could reach to this feat. Customer’s happy faces also kept her going. Diviya draws inspiration from our former President APJ Abdul Kalam who always asks people to dream unless it is achieved.

Being a female entrepreneur always has its own share of hurdles and difficulties. But whatever it may be, Diviya’s husband supported her all throughout. Balancing oth family and business is a herculean task for any woman. A woman should believe in herself first as she can face the world without fear. Believe in herself and miracles will happen. Women are not weaker gender and with determination and desire they can prove it otherwise. They have to be very confident on what they doing . Mistakes and failures will cross paths, but that shouldn’t dishearten you, one should overcome them and continue in achieving the dream. COVID crisis was a difficult period and everybody had to face challenges. Shipping was very difficult. However, at DD Chocolates it was handled smoothly in order to satisfy customer promises and timely delivery.

For the newbies, Diviya have some practical tips to crack the success code. One should posses business knowledge, have confidence, build the right team and explore ideas according to market needs. Discovering and keep moving according to generation requirements and style of customization. And if you know how to tactfully use social media, then half of the work is done. She feels, her creativity, idea and customization packaging made her unique as an entrepreneur. She has been felicitated with “Emerging Entrepreneur Award” from, “Best Chocolate Boutique” in Chennai awarded by BrandOpus, “Most Trusted Chocolate Studio” in Chennai awarded by Global Choice Award 2021, and “Most Preferred chocolate studio” in Chennai 2022 award by Xel research. She indeed has been experiencing the sweet taste of success.

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